tac:tac FW21 Offers Big Silhouettes for All Ages

Picking up right where Spring/Summer 2021 left off, tac:tac‘s Fall/Winter 2021 is another thoughtful selection of dramatically oversized apparel. Enormous overcoats, jackets, shirts and trousers crop up throughout the collection, demonstrating a consistent vision of genderless, ageless garments designed for comfort rather than trend.

Some garments seem drawn from the archives of Issey Miyake, whose eponymous company oversees tac:tac’s seasonal output. Miyake’s touch can be seen in the pleated snoods, Windcoat-like outerwear and clever textile exploration, like hybrid garments that blend slick nylon with pile fleece. Of course, even the similarly-minded goods are distinct, owing much to tac:tac’s inimitable design ethos.

Adjustable straps, cinches and other details allow for the customization of the voluminous garments, with a half-dozen splayed-out buttons granting one coat dynamic closure and some hooded pullover shirts offering cut-out arms that the wearer can wrap around their neck in place of a scarf. Of course, there are also plenty of comparably conventional goods rendered in high-end textiles, including ribbed knitwear, mesh-lined trench coats and wide high-rise trousers.

Head to tac:tac’s website to scope out the latest from the emerging label. tac:tac’s new season will hit its web store and stockists like Stack Store and SIGN.

Meanwhile, parent company Issey Miyake, Inc. recently introduced IM MEN, another new menswear imprint.
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