The first trailer for Nicole Kidman’s chilling new series is here

Watch the trailer for Nicole Kidman’s next psychological thriller, Nine Perfect Lives.

When Nicole Kidman is signed up to a project, you know it’s going to be a must-watch. 

We were glued to our screens when her psychological thriller with Hugh Grant, The Undoing, launched during the second lockdown last year. 

She then brought some much-needed glitz and music at Christmas in Netflix musical, The Prom

And we’re hoping that there is some truth behind those rumours of a third season of Big Little Lies, which she of course stars in alongside Reese Witherspoon. 

But the next Kidman series project we’re excited about is based on a book by Liane Moriarty, who is the same author behind Big Little Lies

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Nine Perfect Strangers is a psychological thriller, starring Kidman and Melissa McCarthy. 

It follows the story of nine strangers who are thrown into one another’s lives as they arrive together for an intensive programme at a much-hyped wellness retreat tucked away in the Australian outback. 

Each has their own reasons for checking in, from grief-stricken parents to a struggling novelist and a Lottery-winning couple whose marriage is on the edge.

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McCarthy plays one of the protagonists, lost-soul novelist Francis, as well as serving as an executive producer for the show. 

Kidman joins the Bridesmaids star in the executive producer’s chair and, like McCarthy, she also stars in the miniseries, as the resort’s ethereal leader Masha.

Let’s take a look at the first trailer, which has just been released. 

The trailer is a chilling watch, with Kidman relishing in the eccentric (and creepy) role. And the screams that come from the retreats’ residents suggest that this isn’t going to be a relaxing week of yoga and chai tea. Oh and, is anyone else freaked out by the fact that they seem to be lying in their own graves? 

Although an official release date hasn’t been confirmed, Hulu has said it is “coming soon”. We just know it’s going to be worth the wait.

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