This Is What a Suzuki Jimny Replica of the Brabus G-Wagon Looks Like

This Is What a Suzuki Jimny Replica of the Brabus G-Wagon Looks Like

A striking half-sized remake of the Brabus 800 G-Wagon has been spotted on the streets of London. Under the veil, the base car is actually a Suzuki Jimney, a popular mini off-road SUV.

From the exterior, the space grey vehicle is spotted in a custom body kit with Brabus emblems, V8 Biturbo badges, AMG rims, side exhaust pipes, and G-class door handles. Stepping inside, the interiors are dressed in bright orange hues with quilted leather seats, a B logo steering wheel, and even star lights on the roof panels. As Brabus only works on Mercedes vehicles, this specimen is most certainly a separate custom job, but neat nonetheless. The Suzuki Jimny is popular among aftermarket companies, which have transformed the vehicles to resemble larger off-roaders such as the Ford Bronco, Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-AMG G63.

As the base price for the Suzuki is priced at around $18,000 USD for the base model, with the addition of upgrades, it’s estimated the car costs around $40,000 USD, which pales in comparison to the $380,000 USD Brabus 800.

Take a detailed look at the mini Brabus imposter in the video above.

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