This ‘SNL’ Moment Perfectly Encapsulated The Stress Of 2020

Kate McKinnon was ALL of us.

What started as a silly sketch during Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update got kind of serious for a minute when Kate McKinnon (as Dr. Wenowdis) broke the fourth wall to tell us that no, she’s really not okay right now. Don’t worry, Kate. None of us are — 2020 is a lot.

The sketch started with Colin Jost asking the doctor for some information about Donald Trump’s medical condition, and McKinnon answering all of his questions by stating facts and adding "we know this" to the end. For example, when Jost asked if Trump returning to work was a concern considering his COVID-positive status, Dr. Wenowdis answered, "A room have air, right? We know this. And everybody have a nose, we know this. Everybody’s face it has a hole. Everybody get the virus. We know this."

She was laughing and breaking a little throughout the sketch, but things really took a turn when Dr. Wenowdis went to check Jost’s blood pressure.

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