Tom Holland's Salary Could Be Eight Figures if He Continues To Play Spider-Man

Tom Holland's Salary Could Be Eight Figures if He Continues To Play Spider-Man

Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man trilogy has proven to be widely successful for both Marvel Studios and the entirety of the entertainment industry. Just recently, Spider-Man: No Way Home was even named the highest-grossing film of this year.

Recently, there has been speculation surrounding whether or not Holland would return as the titular character of Spider-Man. Variety has pointed out that Spider-Man: No Way Home was the first pandemic-era film to cross $1 billion USD globally and has evidently made Holland a household name. The publication reported that should Holland continue his role as the superhero, his next film could have him making somewhere in the low eight-figures. Before appearing as Spider-Man, he would earn under $1 million USD for his roles, however now he could make anywhere between $2 to $5 million USD for independent films and between $5 and $10 million USD for traditional studio films. For projects helmed by streaming giants, Holland’s paycheck could hit $20 million USD or more.

Holland’s star power has drawn a broader age range to Hollywood. The current list of male A-listers are aging with key players like Brad Pitt at 59, Tom Cruise turning 60 and Denzel Washington at 66. Even Leonardo DiCaprio, who was once the youthful face of Hollywood is nearing his 50s. Holland has brought in a new generation of viewers, thereby increasing the reach for Hollywood.

It remains to be seen if Holland will continue to reprise the role of Spider-Man in future projects.

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