Toyota Unveils Full Line-Up of JDM Gazoo Racing Vehicles

Toyota Japan has listed all of its sporty Gazoo Racing vehicles on its website. While a few have already been revealed previously, others are eye-catching and a bit unexpected.

The public has already been exposed to the sports models: The Toyota GR 86 for example was revealed last week, while the GR Supra was unveiled back in 2019. The Japanese carmaker also unveiled a hardcore rally-bred GR version of the subcompact Yaris, and to many people’s disappointed excluded from the United States for official sale. Besides those, Toyota’s full lineup includes other sport editions of its road cars.

Two models are given GRMN nomenclature, short for “Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nürburgring.” The Vitz and Mark X with GRMN naming means they are sports editions of their base cars with true performance-driven upgrades to their aerodynamics, suspension and engine configurations. The Vitz’s compact design and short wheelbase means its GRMN naming makes it a contender for hot hatches like the Volkswagen Golf GTI or Golf R, while the Mark X full-size sedan could possibly be aimed at the M-sport 5-series BMWs, if not even the M5. Both cars feature upgrades like manual transmissions, carbon fiber roofs, chassis strengthening and more.

While GR and GRMN models are true sports cars and editions, the GR Sport line of vehicles means more along the lines of performance enhancements through sports-inspired tuning – aerodynamic additions, optional larger wheels, slightly strengthened chassis points and more. Gazoo Racing breathes a bit of excitement into the Prius and Aqua’s fairly commonplace, civilized appearances, while the Noah and Voxy’s minivans have a much more striking presence and is a market – the Sporty Minivan – the United States is clearly lacking. The Toyota/Daihatsu Copen also looks stunning dressed with sporty credentials, and even the CH-R crossover vehicle receives an aggressive makeover.

Check out the full lineup via the gallery above, and comment below on which you’d wish the US would adopt. For hot Japanese cars that do reach the United States borders, check out the Honda Civic Type R Phoenix Yellow limited edition for auction.
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