Wood Wood and Hermansen Combine for Vintage 4×4-Inspired e-Bike

Wood Wood and Hermansen Combine for Vintage 4×4-Inspired e-Bike

Wood Wood and the fellow Copenhagen-based e-bike maker Hermansen have come together for the collaborative Bike One, made in keeping with the city’s annual event, 3 Days of Design.

Taking the formula that makes the ex-Bang & Olufsen designer Anders Hermansen’s bikes so successful and combining it with the Wood Wood co-founder Brian SS Jensen’s sensibilities and aesthetical likenings, the duo has created a bike that performs on both form and function. It’s an e-bike that references vintage 4×4 vehicles and traditional outdoor gear, utilizing a colorway of khaki and army green with co-branding and red anodized details all around.

Powering Bike One is the brand’s recognizable bottle-shaped battery and motor, with the battery range topping out at around 40km depending on the power setting, terrain, incline and other external environmental factors. The motor, which comes in at 250W, is silent and is pedal-assisted, allowing you to travel up to 15.5 MPH. Furthermore, your speed, battery level, watt consumption and more can all be seen and controlled from a smartphone app, which also lets you choose which one of four power-assist settings you wish to use.

It rides on two 20” wheels that are wrapped in relatively chunky tires, while the frame itself is triangular and lightweight, making the bike better on the economical front and more maneuverable.

Wood Wood’s collaborative Hermansen Bike One can be seen above and in real life at the Wood Wood flagship store in the center of Copenhagen from September 16-18, where you can also test it out for yourself. It is also available to purchase now from Hermansen’s site, where it’s priced at €4,000 EUR (approximately $4,700 USD).

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