Would You Wear These Custom BTS x McDonald's Meal Sneakers?

While some fans are enshrining McDonald’s BTS Meal packaging, Singapore creative Josiah Chua decided to turn the bright purple wrapping for the collaboration into a pair of custom sneakers.

Starting with a Nike Air Max Plus TN base, Chua meticulously cut and shaped panels from the McNugget box and drink cup to create a mid-cut upper. The custom sneaker also features a functional element with a holster to house the nuggets at the ankles and the special Cajun and Sweet Chilli Sauces attached to the lacing. Probably not for everyday wear, the BTS x McDonald’s Artist Meal sneakers are guaranteed to help you dip in style.

Check out the custom BTS x McDonald’s Meal sneakers above.

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In case you missed it, the BTS McDonald’s McNugget shaped like an Among Us Crewmate sold for $99,997 USD.
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