6 Top Earning Twitch Gamers

Currently one of the most popular streaming services, having become even more popular through its top-earning gamers, Twitch is an American live video streaming service run by a subsidiary of Amazon known as Twitch Interactive. It was launched in 2011, and within two years, it gained about 45 million followers and subscribers. Today it is one of the most significant sources of internet traffic in the world.

E-sports has also gained momentum along with streaming services as they share a symbiotic relationship. It is believed that professional gamers are becoming more popular with the public because they are more genuine in interacting with the audience during gaming sessions than a usual celebrity would be while interacting with their fans.

The following is a list of top-earning gamers who have gained immense popularity and wealth through their streaming sessions on Twitch.

6 Felix Lengyel or xQcOW

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Felix Lengyel is perhaps as famous for his online streaming sessions as his fight with Ninja and his wife. xQcOW has indeed earned a name for all of its scandals and controversies. With all of this, he is also quite popular among his loyal subscribers.

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Felix Lengyel has a net worth of about $1 million, with over 4 million on the streaming platform. This 25-year-old Canadian gamer is known for his mastery over the ‘Overwatch League.’ Popular gamers who stream on Twitch like Odablock or Omar and Spanish gamer Ibai Llanos Garatea also earned in that range on the streaming platform.

5 DrDisRespect aka Guy Beahm

Guy Beahm is one of the older members in the business of professional gaming and online streaming. He has been popular on YouTube and Twitch as an online streamer and gamer.

DrDisRespect casts a striking appearance with his sunglasses, mullet, and mustache. He has about 2.62 million followers. The games he plays include ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and ‘Halo 2’. He has a net worth of about $3 million.

4 Michael Grzesiek or Shroud

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Michael Grzesiek is a Canadian online gamer who uses Shroud as his Twitch username. He earned popularity in the online gaming community as a competitive gamer. Grzesiek is primarily associated with multiplayer games like ‘Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ and ‘Counter-Strike.’

He has stuck to playing these games during his online sessions on Twitch, but his ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Apex Legend’ streams are also quite famous. He has an estimated net worth of about $4 million.

Nickmercs or Nicholas Kolcheff is another American online streamer on Twitch and Youtube who can be considered among top-earning gamers. He, too, has an estimated worth of about $4 million.

3 Syndicate aka Tom Castle

Syndicate or Tom Caste got his career in online video streaming in 2010 through YouTube. The online video games he became famous for are ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Halo.’ However, he also streams his gaming sessions of ‘Call of Duty’ on Twitch.

Other games that he streams on Twitch are ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Fortnite.’ About 2.59 million people from all over the world follow him on Twitch. He currently has a net worth of about $5 million.

2 TimTheTatMan, aka Timothy Betar

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TimTheTatMan is Timothy John Betar’s twitch username. He is perhaps one of the oldest pro gamers and online streamers. He has been in this gaming and streaming business for many years and has played such a huge variety of online games that it is difficult to associate him with any one of them.

Timothy has about 2.52 million followers on Twitch. Betar says that he wished to make streaming his full-time job because of his fondness to meet people on the internet. Timothy Betar has earned about $1.2 million just by online streaming on Twitch and has a net worth of approximately $6.5 million.

1 Richard Tyler Blevins or Ninja

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Everybody’s favorite streamer, Ninja, has the maximum fan following on Twitch. The real name of Ninja is Richard Tyler, and he has a massive following of about 10 million people on the internet. Part of Ninja’s popularity on the internet is the controversy about him avoiding online streams with women. It is often connected with his wife, Jessica, being his manager and making these decisions.

Jessica seems very respectful of her husband and his high income that he brings home from streaming. Despite all the accusations, Ninja is one of the top-earning gamers on Twitch. It is estimated that he has a net worth of about $10 million.

The rumor goes that Amazon is making an effort to expand Twitch’s video gaming niche to make it even more popular as a streaming platform. The CEO Emmette Shear plans to get Hollywood stars through exclusive deals with Twitch because YouTube is still a big contender for Twitch. However, following its rival’s footsteps, YouTube, Twitch also wishes for the ad sales to go up, with a target of $1 billion.

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