7 Best Ball Pits 2021 | The Sun UK

WHEN IT COMES to finding active toys the kids absolutely adore, nothing is quite so popular as a ball pit.

The best ball pits essentially turn your home somewhere between a playground and a soft play centre, providing sensory stimulation as well as a space to play and relax.

Ball pits come in every style, colour, shape and price point.

There are the inexpensive, pop-up ball pits that you can find online for under a tenner.

These are typically brightly coloured and ideal for captivating babies and toddlers.

For a ball pit that's a centrpiece in any room, check out the Insta-ready ball pits from brands like KiddyMoon, Tweepsy and MeowBaby. Typically, these have a lovely cotton covering, chic pastel-hued balls and come in a selection of handy shapes to suit your space: round, square, even triangular to fit in corners.

Parents who have taken the plunge and gotten their kids a ball pit absolutely love them: just note, most of these ball pits require around 200 balls minimum, and yes, they will end up everywhere. That's half the fun.

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