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BATH sponges these days are typically natural, eco-friendly products that can turn an ordinary bath or shower into a spa-like experience.

The best bath sponge will create a wonderful lather, while also exfoliating the body. Since it's highly absorbent, it won't drip everywhere, either.

Bath sponges are also popular because they're economical: they can make a bit of bath or shower product go a long way. And if you go for a synthetic bath sponge, they're cheap and long-lasting, too.

Bath sponges made from natural sea sponge are wonderfully sustainable, hypoallergenic and have that dramatic, oversized look that's an instant statement piece in the bathroom.

They can also easily last you months and even years – but cleaning them regularly is important.

After each use, rinse out your sea sponge with warm water, and clean it every few weeks in a mixture of baking soda and water to rid it of any bacteria.

Other bath sponges that are gaining in popularity are Japanese favourite, Konjac sponges, made from a potato fibre in North Asia, and bamboo sponges you can machine wash.

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1. Best honeycomb sea sponge: Hydrea London Honeycomb Sea Sponge

  1. (AD) Hydrea London Honeycomb Sea Sponge, £22.95 at Amazon – buy here

Hydrea is the brand that's synonymous with natural sea sponges, and this honeycomb variety comes from the eastern Mediterranean and is a popular choice for gifts.

It's hypoallergenic, organic, and ultra-absorbent; reviewers also insist 'the quality is outstanding' and it's 'so smooth on my skin'. Ideal for massaging and gently exfoliating the skin.

2. Best bamboo sponge: Tabitha Eve reusable body buff

  1. (AD) Tabitha Eve reusable body buff, £6 at Amazon – buy here

The bath sponge of the future? It's natural, great at exfoliating and biodegradable, plus it just can be thrown in the washing machine whenever you'd like to clean it, too.

This cotton and linen body buff is stuffed with organic cotton and bamboo scraps of upcycled fabric, and customers will like the handy strap to slip your fingers through.

3. Best two-sided bath sponge: Lynx Manwasher

  • Lynx Manwasher, £4.49 at Boots – buy here

One for the guys: this dual-sided bath sponge works to scrub off dirt and build up a lather, thanks to a 'scrub' side and a mesh one designed to hold product.

The sturdy construction and handy loop for hanging win it extra points.

'Have used the traditional body scrub things but saw this and thought it looked a bit more manly hanging above my bath!' writes a fan – although it's not just for men. Women use and recommend this sponge, too.

4. Best Konjac bath sponge: Beauty Kitchen Body Cleansing Konjac Sponge

  • Beauty Kitchen Body Cleansing Konjac Sponge, £4.69 at Holland & Barrett – buy here

Konjac sponges are made from the fibrous konjac plant – and they're becoming increasingly common in skincare routines.

This body cleansing version has bamboo charcoal to exfoliate and can even help keep skin clear, according to reviewers. It's also all-natural, vegan and sustainable.

5. Best back scrubber bath sponge: Eco Bath Japanese Sisal Back Strap

  • Eco Bath Japanese Sisal Back Strap, £7.99 at Holland & Barrett – buy here

Ideal for those tricky-to-reach places, this back scrubber sponge is made from sisal fibres to exfoliate skin and can be used when wet or dry.

It's also a real help with those suffering from arthritis or other disabilities that make it hard to reach their backs with normal bath sponges.

'I am so enjoying this, pure bliss. It's not too scratchy but not too soft. Just right! And it reaches my entire back so very comfortably', writes a fan.

6. Best synthetic sponge: Boots Massage sponge charcoal

  • Massage sponge charcoal, £3 at Boots – buy here

You don't need to spend a fortune on a bath sponge that works – especially if you're OK with a synthetic fibre alternative.

This massage sponge from Boots has a smooth side and an exfoliating side, making it great value for money as you get two sponges in one for just £3.

7. Best bath sponge for kids: Spongellé For Kids Fruitilicious Duck

  • Spongellé For Kids Fruitilicious Duck, £10.50 at Feelunique – buy here

Turn bath time into playtime for tots with this adorable duck-shaped bath sponge from Spongellé.

Ideal for travelling, this bath sponge is infused with a body wash smelling of watermelon, apple and pear. Plus, it lathers up each time so you can use it again and again.

It also comes in butterfly and fish shapes.

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