8 Most Financially Extravagant Fashion Shows In History

The most glamorous and iconic fashion shows in history have left an incredible mark and raised the standards of fashion shows.

A lot of time, effort, creativity, and financial investment produces the most brilliant fashion shows. With expectations towering high every year, the fashion industry experts have to toil harder to remain in vogue. Fashion designing icons like Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler, and John Galliano have had to bring in new trends.

The following are the most iconic fashion shows in history.

8 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show conducted in 2016 is reportedly one of the most expensive fashion shows in history. The executive producer, Edward Razek, informed New York Times that this extravagant show had a jaw-dropping expense of about $26.7 million.

Most of the money went to sponsoring the most attractive models and their fancy lingerie collection. A grand party of famous musicians and expensive décor was also arranged for this show and its 800 million viewers.

7 Pyer Moss Spring/summer 2020

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The fashion show conducted in 2020 featuring Pyer Moss’s spring/summer collection was a tribute to black music and African American artists who have made the nation proud for ages. About 90 members, such as Cardi B was a part of this glamour.

Pyer Moss is a luxury fashion brand that is particularly representative of rich culture and heritage. The spring/summer Pyer Moss show of 2020 was a significant comeback for American Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond.

6 Dior spring/summer 2019

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The 2019 Dior spring/summer fashion show was all about representing feminist icons. It was a genuine reverence expression for women of color as feminist icons, like the Nigerian author and influencer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

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Maria Grazia Chiuri aimed to break away from the usual alpha male energy surrounding the stage. This 2019 show was a trendsetter on many levels. It also provided a platform for the fantastic choreography of Sharon Eyal and the Batsheva Dance Company.

5 Chanel spring/summer 2012

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The Chanel spring/summer show of 2012 is documented to be one of the most expensive fashion shows in the fashion industry’s history. German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld arranged themes that cost him a fortune.

The brilliant underwater theme of the 2012 show was a huge success. It was also a musical masterpiece, and it ended with Florence Welch’s famous score, What the Water Gave Me.

4 “Enfant Terrible,” by Alexander McQueen

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The Enfant Terrible in 1997 is particularly famous amongst Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows. This is because it was the last fashion event that Princess Diana is known to have attended.

After being appointed as the creative director by Hubert de Givenchy in 1996, Alexander McQueen started setting high fashion creators’ records. Enfant Terrible was his second show for the winter/fall collection and one of his most remarkable.

3 Alexander McQueen’s 2001 “VOSS” collection

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The 2001 VOSS collection is one of the most iconic runways fashion shows by Alexander McQueen. It was also one of his most creative.

It featured the British author Michelle Olley naked and wearing a gas mask connected to different pipes and moths fluttering all around. This was a brilliant attempt at recreating the famous image called ‘Sanitarium’ by photographer Joel Peter Wilkin.

2 Designer Christopher Bailey’s show called “Time,”

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The show called ‘Time’ was the fashion event that designer Christopher Bailey dedicated to Burberry. The significance was the completion of 17 glorious years. It is also iconic for the different interpretations of the rainbow colors that found expression in this show.

Heavily borrowed from the 1980s and 90s British Street fashion, the rainbow theme was to represent this famous fashion brand’s journey and showcase its past, present, and future. More importantly, it celebrated the underrepresented LGBTQ community on an international platform.

1 Gucci Fall 1996

The Gucci Fall of 1996 made Tom Ford famous in the fashion industry. This was not the first fashion show of Tom Ford, but it was one of the most remarkable ones.

The fall/winter show of 1996 was the epitome of class and elegance and is one of the most expensive in fashion history. It featured the stunning Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, and Shalom Harlow. It resulted in the fortunes of both Tom Ford and Gucci skyrocketing like never before.

Other extraordinary fashion shows that made history include Rick Owens’ spring/summer 2014 show; it was a subversive take to represent stereotyped cultures in mainstream history. The Chalayan Autumn Winter show of 2000, Dior haute couture spring/summer of 1998, and Guo Pei’s 2013 collection featuring extraordinarily high heels are also examples of historical events in world fashion.

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