Air Canada passenger panics at huge crack in window

Air Canada passenger has a ‘mini heart attack’ after waking up to find the window he was sleeping against had a huge CRACK in it – as MILLIONS watch viral video of the terrifying incident

  • Karl Haddad, 20, was flying from Toronto to Montreal, after coming in from Lebanon, in the viral TikTok video
  • He immediately fell asleep, but soon woke up to notice part of his window was open, with the plastic around the glass showing a big crack 
  • He got the attention of a flight attendant, who brought over a pilot
  • In the video, Karl says they ‘decided to force landing’ — though the plane actually landed in its scheduled destination
  • A spokesperson for Air Canada insisted that the broken area was ‘not a critical structural part’

An Air Canada passenger has gone viral for a video showing a large crack in his airplane window — but the airline insists he was never in any danger.

Karl Haddad, 20, had just flown to Canada from Lebanon, and was on a flight from Toronto to Montreal when he noticed that the window he was sleeping against had a crack around the outside.

He quickly got the attention of a flight attendant — who brought over the captain — and filmed the whole thing for social media.

Cracked: Karl Haddad, 20, was startled to notice the plastic around his window on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Montreal was cracked

Karl told BuzzFeed that he was on the last leg of a 27-hour trip and fell asleep as soon as he got on the plane.

But he awoke a half our later and noticed that the window he was sleeping against was ‘broken. 

‘I poked at it a little bit to see if it was a big crack,’ he said. He had a ‘mini heart attack for about 10 minutes’

‘I poked at it a little bit to see if it was a big crack,’ he said, adding that he then had a ‘mini heart attack for about 10 minutes.’

He began filming on his phone, showing that the plastic around the window was cracked and moved when he touched it.

He then called over a flight attendant, showing her the cracked window. 

‘She asked me to poke it in front of her. She said it was pretty bad, and she said she was going to call the captain,’ he said.

But what happened next in the video — versus what happened next in real life — were a bit different. 

In the video, a male flight attendant brings the captain over to inspect, after which Karl added text that the captain decided to ‘force landing.’ 

In reality, he told BuzzFeed the captain reassured him that the crack was not an urgent problem and they’d be landing ‘as soon as possible’ in their final planned destination, Montreal.

Despite this, Karl thinks that the plane started to drop in altitude sooner after he showed the captain the window. 

A spokesperson for for Air Canada, however, insisted otherwise.

‘The part in question is a window blind frame assembly where the window blind slides up and down,’ they said. ‘This is a plastic part of the trim around the window and not a critical structural part.’

Though everything appears to have been totally fine with no actual cause for alarm, Karl’s video has still earned over five million views, and comments from viewers who call the situation a nightmare.

‘My anxiety would have made me not tell anyone,’ wrote one.

‘Here’s my newest fear: PEOPLE WHO WOULDN’T SAY ANYTHING,’ wrote another.

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