Amazon Shoppers Say These New Indoor Insect Traps Work 'Superbly' & They're on Sale

Amazon Shoppers Say These New Indoor Insect Traps Work 'Superbly' & They're on Sale

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Summer has a lot of positives: sunshine, warm breezes, outdoor adventures, pool parties, beach vacations … the list goes on and on. Of course, it also has some down sides. Sunburn, chlorine-damaged hair, and bugs. Mosquitoes can make evenings outdoors suck (literally), forcing us to seek shelter indoors, but what the flying insects like fruit flies, gnats, and house flies pester us inside our homes, getting rid of them can be a huge headache. Luckily, there’s a flying insect trap for sale on Amazon that is getting rave reviews.

The ZEVO Flying Insect Trap continuously eliminates flying insects without spraying chemical insecticides. Just plug it into any wall socket to activate the bio-selective light attraction system to attract flying insects and capture them into a super-sticky cartridge that you throw away. You can use the ZEVO Flying Insect Trap in any room in your home where flying insects are seen, from the bathroom or kitchen to the screened in porch and basement.

ZEVO Indoor Flying Insect Trap — 1 Plug-In Base + 3 Refill Cartridges


According to one 5-star review on Amazon, the ZEVO trap is “crazy good.” After repotting some plants with store-bought potting soil, this homeowner was inundated by gnats in the house and “tried all sorts of methods to kill these pests to no avail.” Then she found the ZEVO trap on Amazon and, though skeptical, decided to give it a try.

She plugged the ZEVO base into her in-home office and went to bed. “Next morning I checked it,” she said. “Eight gnats killed overnight. Moved it to where the newly repotted plants were and next morning I counted 33 dead gnats.”

As her review headline states, the ZEVO insect traps “work superbly!” Get rid of those pesky fruit flies, gnats, and house flies with this easy insect trap, and hang up your fly swatter for good.

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