Amazons space heater that could save you £1.27 per hour gets rave reviews

Amazons space heater that could save you £1.27 per hour gets rave reviews

Shoppers are raving about a 'safe' space heater from Amazon that could save you £1.27 per hour on heating. The ASSCA space heater, priced at £39.99, heats up in just five seconds and has several heating modes.

The handy gadget comes with three heat settings, a fan-only mode, and an adjustable thermostat to set your perfect temperature. It also has built-in safety measures, turning off automatically if tipped over more than 45 degrees or if it overheats.

According to current energy price caps, running the 1,500-Watt unit for one hour would cost around 41p. This is significantly cheaper than the average boiler connected to mains gas, which costs £1.68 per hour – meaning this heater could save you £1.27 per hour.

The heater has received glowing reviews on Amazon, scoring 4.7 out of 1,895 reviews.

One happy customer wrote: "It's very small compared to bigger space heaters so you can fit it anywhere in the room, heats up the room nicely. I'd say about 10-15 will get your room nice and cosy."

Another happy customer shared: "It warms up my room quickly, and I can feel the warmth spreading evenly across the space. The adjustable thermostat and multiple heat and fan mode makes it perfect for upcoming winter chilly mornings and nights.

"Also it operates quietly and doesn't disrupt my peace and quiet, which is essential when I'm working or relaxing at home."

However, a less satisfied customer wrote: "I wanted to save £10 as I'd already bought a DREO and the reviews mentioned this one had a thermostat. There wasn't one. It was also noisy whereas the DREO was silent. Straight back in the box and returned."

Meanwhile, Argos also has affordable heaters with their cheapest one priced at £22. Itcan blow both cool and hot air and has two heat settings, with the lowest costing about 27p per hour.

The heater has received a 4.5-star rating, with one reviewer saying: "Great little fan heater. Quickly warmed up an average sized room. Can also be used to blow cool air in the summer."

Another added: "Gives out some reasonable heat but is VERY loud."

You can purchase the ASSCA space heater from Amazon and the Challenge fan heater from Argos.

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