American tries Full English breakfast for first time and is blown away

American tries Full English breakfast for first time and is blown away

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An American passed their verdict after trying a Full English breakfast for the first time.

They picked up staple fry-up ingredients from their local supermarket in the US – then it was time to fry up sausages, bacon and mushrooms.

For the eggs, they opted to scramble them with chives and plenty of seasoning.

Then to complete the plate, they popped on some toast, grilled tomatoes and baked beans.

The American shared the finish results on Reddit – and revealed what it was like to tuck into the breakfast feast.

They wrote: “As an American, I tried my best with what I had at my local grocery store."

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The Redditor added: “It was great. Thanks for inventing this lol.”

The post garnered 20,800 upvotes – and many were impressed with the Redditor’s attempt on the British dish.

One commenter said: “This may well be the finest looking English breakfast made by an American.”

And another replied: “Agreed. I wouldn't complain if I was served that in a caff.

“Well, only because I'd have ordered extra mushroom and no beans, and fried egg not scrambled.”

A third commented: “Op’s even used the sausages as a breakwater between the eggs and the beans. That’s first class, back of the net.”

And a fourth added: “Good work. You've officially being added to the will get visa list.”

Despite all the praise, some were critical of the American’s attempt at a Full English.

Some weren’t happy to see chives in the eggs.

A Redditor joked: “I don't want to worry anyone, but there appears to be something… green on that plate.”

And another laughed: “The eggs are scrambled and someone left their window open so lawn clippings blew in them. Apart from that 10/10.”

Others said the American needed to try black pudding next time.

One wrote: “Looks good! I approve, would be better with black pudding but I’m assuming that’s hard to find over there so I’ll let you off.”

And another said: “Not a bad attempt at all. A very nice looking breakfast. Just needs black pudding.”

So what do you make of the brekkie? Let us know in the comments below.

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