Archiving Entertainment: A VIP+ Special Report

Archiving Entertainment: A VIP+ Special Report

There’s no question content is one of the most valuable assets in Hollywood, which means protecting it for generations to come should be the industry’s highest priority. 

But while many understand the importance of preserving the rich history of entertainment, mainstream media does little to highlight the urgency of proper archiving. Thanks to technological advancements, the industry has been forced to embrace change, but there is still a never-ending abundance of learning left to do. 

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the world for the past two years, but ironically its impact on the entertainment industry wasn’t all negative. Staying hunkered down at home changed consumer behavior in many ways, and out of that the entertainment industry had to adapt.

Content for the diversion-hungry masses rapidly became the hottest of commodities, and it forced companies, organizations and artists alike to dig through their libraries to retrieve old and new content for release. This led to a reevaluation in archival practices and forced a broader conversation around storage and preservation of media assets. 

Variety Intelligence Platform’s “Archiving Entertainment” special report, presented by Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, digs into the ins and outs of archiving’s history and best practices, from storage and restoration to preservation in the digital era.  

Even as continuing innovation has made many aspects of archiving easier, it has created challenges. Adapting to, or even embracing, those new technologies adds another layer of complexity, as reams of content require specific approaches to storing and long-term preservation. This VIP+ report will break down the details and help readers understand everything from the basics to the intricacies of entertainment archiving. 

Read on to learn about …

  • The digitization of media assets into today’s various content formats
  • The pitfalls and benefits of cloud storage and the economics behind it
  • How evolving technology has forced the the hand of archiving methods

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