Benson & window ledges? People think £6 Argos curtains look like cigarettes

If you miss being able to buy a ten pack of cigarettes, then we might have just the curtains for you.

For just £5.99, you too could own a pair of Argos’ Home Printed Border Unlined Eyelet Curtains in Mustard, which one Twitter user says look ‘like JPS superkings’.

The bottom third of these unlined cotton curtains is mustard coloured, while the rest are an off-white.

The positioning of the eyelets also seems to cause them to form waves, giving the illusion that you’re looking at ten vertical cylinders rather than a set of curtains.

On Thursday morning, Twitter user Wendy Smith posted a picture of the curtains with the caption: ‘Why have Argos made curtains looking like JPS superkings 😭😭😭😭’.

The post has proven popular, with hundreds of likes and dozens of commenters agreeing with her.

One wrote: ‘They will certainly light up the room!’ while another said: ‘Imagine trying to give up smoking and staring at them all day’.

A third pointed out that the set is actually ‘cheaper than a packet of superkings’.

In 2017, 10-packs of cigarettes were banned in a bid to discourage young people from picking up the habit.

These days the cheapest pack you can get costs roughly £9.10.

The curtains are made from 100% cotton and come with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

They originally cost £15, but they’ve been marked down to just under £6 – bargain. has reached out to Argos for comment.

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