Best job ever alert – earn £5,000 a weekend just to hang out at festivals

Best job ever alert – earn £5,000 a weekend just to hang out at festivals

“Having a trusted ‘festival concierge’ is a great way of navigating the festival safely”

Aaron Harpin

You would need to be impressively festival-savvy, over 18-years-old and have a passport.

The request was sent to exclusive online marketplace last week, which has offered to help him in his search.

The millionaire has said he wants to enjoy an authentic festival experience, but is concerned that he may miss out on some of the experiences, having never been to one before.

He wants his experience to be as authentic as possible, while also enjoying his usual luxuries.

He said he wants to experience the live music and atmosphere only found at a festival, as he feels like he’s missing out on normal life experiences because of his wealth.

The festival concierge will help with all aspects of attending up to five festivals across the summer, including pitching the tent, organising what to take, trying to get backstage passes and to ensure the millionaire blends in with the other festival goers.

It’s a great opportunity for the festival concierge, as they will get paid to attend some of the best UK festivals 2019 has to offer.

Festivals continue to grow in popularity and last year Coachella saw a record audience of 750,000 attendees over its two consecutive weekends.

Members of the public can submit their applications to be a festival concierge on the HushHush website here.

Offering one of the most exclusive marketplaces and VIP concierge services, connects a growing list of the world’s most wealthy consumers with luxury brands and products. collates some of the best unique luxury products available, from superyachts and hypercars to luxury villas and private islands, and partners with sellers to reach their audience.

Aaron Harpin, founder, said: “This is really exciting for us. To be able to provide someone with a great ‘money-can’t-buy’ experience that they will remember forever means a lot to us.

“Festivals can be both a daunting and exhilarating experience for first-timers, so it’s understandable why our customer has some concerns about attending for the first time.

Having a trusted ‘festival concierge’ is a great way of navigating the festival safely while also enjoying the typical festival experience.”

  • Glastonbury Festival

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