Blind, Diabetic Pit Bull, Who Loves to Wear Angel Wings, Hoping to Find Miracle Adopter

Blind, Diabetic Pit Bull, Who Loves to Wear Angel Wings, Hoping to Find Miracle Adopter

Cherish is an angel, she has the wings to prove it.

The three-year-old, adoptable pit bull is currently residing at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Mission Hills, California. She was moved there after being surrendered at a shelter.

Unfortunately, Cherish has had trouble attracting the eye of potential adopters. The pit bull is both blind and diabetic, but she is also cuddly, playful, adorable and affectionate.

While some pet parents might pass over Cherish because of her differences, the pooch herself has no trouble handling her health issues.

“She is incredibly sweet and affectionate and very wiggly when she knows someone is trying to interact with her. She makes these adorable piggy snort sounds and tap dances with delight whenever she gets attention,” Best Friends dog manager Amanda Hamilton said in a statement.

What Cherish does need help with is finding her forever home. Her new owners would have to give her insulin daily, but this small act is an easy price to pay to spend your time with this sweet spirit.

To show just how precious and patient she is, Cherish recently posed for photos wearing angel wings. Some of the heavenly shots also include the dog’s “halo” — a pet product designed to help visually-impaired animals avoid bumping into things.

Best Friends hopes this photoshoot shines a light on the wonder this dog really is.

The animal welfare organization would like to find the pit bull a long-term foster parent for Cherish. They lucky person who takes on this role will be supplied with all the food, medical care and products Cherish needs to lead a happy, healthy life. Best Friends will also teach this individual home to give Cherish her daily insulin shots.

All she needs now is for someone to say, “Yes!”

Best Friends feels Cherish would thrive in a family home with a routine schedule and plenty of cuddles.

To learn more about this little angel and how to foster her, contact [email protected] or call (818) 643-3989.

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