Bloke sends snap of dog dressed as Steve Jobs in red face inducing CV blunder

Bloke sends snap of dog dressed as Steve Jobs in red face inducing CV blunder

With the advancement of technology nowadays, pretty much most communication can be done online.

Whether it's booking a holiday or sending photos to your GP instead of having a face-to-face appointment.

This one woman was even able to send pictures of her post-op vagina to her doctor – or so she thought.

But getting the wrong email address is not the only blunder people make when trying to communicate with someone.

This bloke has gone viral on Twitter after he had a mishap when trying to send a potential employer his CV (don’t worry no vagina pics were involved this time though).

David Bryon Queen, who is a writer, penned a professional but concise email thanking the employer for considering him for the job.

He wrote: “Hi [employer’s name],

“Appreciate you keeping me in mind!

“I’ve attached my resume in case you’d like to keep it on file.

“Thanks again!

“All best, David.”

However instead of the job seeker attaching his CV, David actually sent a picture of a dog – dressed up as Steve Jobs.

And, it even included the birth and death date of the founder of Apple.

On the post that has now racked up 232,000 views, David wrote: “The time I accidentally sent a photo of a dog dressed as Steve Jobs instead of my resume.”

And, of course, people have found the CV fail absolutely hilarious.

One person commented: “Employ this man.”

Another user added: “I have spent 7 minutes cry-laughing at this I need to lay down.”

Whilst a third giggled: “The internet really comes through sometimes. Does anyone else find this as funny as I do, or am I just a child?”

Someone else noted: “I think I needed this today because I can’t stop laughing.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person chuckled: “I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.”

Unfortunately, the Steve Jobs impersonating dog did not get the writer the gig.

So David had some words of advice for those when using their email.

“Be careful what you save in your ‘jobs’ folder,” he warned.

Well it could have been a lot worse!

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