Boobless babe defies trolls who called her attention seeker by going topless

Boobless babe defies trolls who called her attention seeker by going topless

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    A woman who had both her double-D boobs removed to prevent breast cancer has slammed trolls who say she is "looking for attention" by going topless on social media.

    Stephanie Germino, from Tampa, Florida, had a drastic double mastectomy to avoid breast cancer as her family had a history of the disease.

    The 29-year-old became a viral sensation after sharing a video of herself topless online and gaining over 22,000 followers from it overnight.

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    The mum wanted to raise awareness of genetic mutation, also known as the BRCA1 gene, which caused her grandmother to fight breast cancer.

    The BRCA1 gene is the same gene which Angelina Jolie has, which was revealed after her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, her aunt and grandmother died of breast and ovarian cancers.

    Her mum was also found to be positive for the gene – making it 50/50 whether Stephanie was too.

    But following the surgery, Stephanie chose not to have reconstruction surgery to avoid further complications and has embraced her flat-chested look instead.

    Initially, the mum-of-one has since dubbed herself the "boobless babe".

    She has since embraced the look by posting videos and photos of herself topless on social media and raising awareness of the issue.

    However, some trolls have branded her an 'attention seeker' for her confidence, prompting her to make a powerful speech to shut them down on Instagram.

    In the video, which has gained more than 800 likes, she was seen replying to a comment that said: "We never said anything. It's just weird how she has no shirt in every video for attention and she knows damn well."

    To which, Stephanie replied: "We're raised in a society where women have to cover up because we sexualise women's chests.

    "So, you seeing a cis female, meaning I was born a female, without a top on automatically makes you uncomfortable in some way, shape, or form.

    "That's not on me. That's for you to figure out because again, let's revert to my first point. There is nothing to see. It's weird.

    "Why is it weird? What deems this weird meaning? Abnormal meaning going against society's norms then? Yeah, I guess it's weird. It's weird that I wanna share my story.

    "It's weird that I want to educate people about BRCA and breast cancer. It's weird that I want to advocate for aesthetic flat closures, for women to have choices."

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