Britains biggest family share how the feed all 22 of them for just £1.69 a head

Britains biggest family share how the feed all 22 of them for just £1.69 a head

Britain’s biggest family, The Radfords, have revealed how they feed the entire family for just £1.69 a head.

The family visited The Food Warehouse store in Blackpool to bag a series of deals on their food shop to keep them going for the week.

They reportedly saved on big pack items, including three for £10 on big brand cereal and a 30pk of eggs for just £2.79

In the video, they shared 338,000 Instagram followers, they were seen making a tasty Chicken and Broccoli Creamy Pesto pasta dish – which worked out at just £1.69 per person.

To make the dish, dad Noel Radford picked up a big pack of Chicken Breasts (£25.00, 4.5kg), working out at just 42p per 75g portion and a huge 5kg bag of Corticella Pasta for just £6.00, equating to 8p a portion.

Based on a recommended 75g portion, shoppers can enjoy a total of 80 portions for this price.

He also bought Broccoli Florets (£1.00, 400g or 20p, 80g recommended portion), Sacla’ No.1 Classic Basil Pesto (£2, 190g or 50p per recommended portion), Knorr Chicken Stock Pots (4pk, £1.65 or 41p per pot) and a whopping 4.75kg block of Cheddar Cheese (£20.00, 4.75kg) to top off the dish, working out at only 12p a 30g portion.

Noel said how his one big pack of chicken will be used for two meals – the pasta dish and a chicken casserole.

However, he said a smaller family could enjoy three to four meals out of this pack and mix up ingredients for a variety of dishes and to make meals stretch further.

Looking ahead, The Radfords also bought some big pack Lean Beef Steak Mince Meat (£5.50, 650g) which Noel says will also make another two dinners during the week – a Spaghetti Bolognese and some wraps – showing again how easy and simple it is to buy one big pack item as a staple for the week and enjoy a variety of meals through easy food swaps across the days.

For a Friday Night Fakeaway, the family picked up one of mum Sue’s favourites – the TGI Fridays Slow Cooked Mini BBQ Ribs (£4.00, 400g).

The shopping trip comes after the family – known for Channel 5 show 22 Kids and Counting – gave fans a look inside their fridge back in October last year.

The family, who famously don't have any help from the government, said they spend £400 a week on food shopping on a range of items.

Sue said at the time: “We go through 16 pints of milk a day, two to three loaves of bread. If we were having sausages for a meal, we’d have maybe 48-56 sausages.

“We’ve got to get lots more than any average family would need.

“I would say that we spend £350-£400 a week on shopping. It’s just massive, it’s never-ending.”

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