Brits can bag a free cuppa this week to celebrate National Tea Day

Brits can bag a free cuppa this week to celebrate National Tea Day

Thirsty Brits can bag a free cuppa this week to mark a very special occasion.

Bird & Blend Tea Co is offering people a freebie to mark National Tea Day on Friday, April 21.

If you fancy a little "elevenses" you can snap up your cuppa between 11am and 12pm on the day at every Bird & Blend Tea Co store across the UK.

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If you head to a store you'll be able to choose from over 100 tea blends all showcased on the tea wall.

The tempting flavours include Chocolate Digestives, Blue Raspberry, Whisktea, Birthday Cake, Peppermint Cream, Cherry Bakewell, Jasmine Poached Pears, Tea & Toast, Honeycomb Cookie D’oh, Cherry Cola Bottles, Earl Grey Crème and Great British Cuppa.

Stores offering the Friday freebie include Brighton North Laine, Brighton Beach, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow, London Angel, London Borough, London Portobello, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford and Worthing.

Every day is tea day at Bird & Blend Tea Co, but the company really want to show how good a cuppa can truly be this week.

While in store, those grabbing their free cup of "elevenses" can also ask in-store experts about the history of tea, how to brew the perfect cuppa and taste other flavours.

For anyone who can’t make it into the store, they can still brew a perfect cuppa at home to celebrate.

Krisi Smith, Co-Founder and award-winning Chief Tea Mixologist at Bird & Blend Tea Co, offered their ultimate top tips on how to make the perfect brew in six easy steps.

Pick a tea to suit the mood

In need of a pick-me-up?

A classic black tea could be the energising boost you need, not to mention a hug in a mug.

Struggling to find a moment of calm amongst the chaos?

Try a cup of calming chamomile tea, it could help you sink into that restful night's sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Want something refreshing without caffeine? Grab a rooibos or fruit infusion.

Make sure it's high quality

By choosing a tea you know doesn’t compromise the planet or the people who grow it, it tastes better, because you know each mug is helping the world – one sip at a time!

When using whole tea leaves and not tea dust, your cuppa will taste better and also give you all the proper benefits from the tea.

It means that the leaves can unfurl in the water, and infuse their flavour more fully.

Mugs are important

At a molecular level, the type of cup or teapot – be that porcelain, china or clay – or the size of your mug will change the taste and experience of your tea.

Some larger mugs allow more space for the tea to brew and therefore oxygen to further the flavour and aroma development.

Whether your favourite mug is a bone china heirloom, a gift with the words "Best Mum" or the humble tea-stained mug in everybody’s cupboard, the cup you choose is an essential part of making the perfect cup of tea.

Always use fresh water

Gone are the days of flat reboiled cuppas! If you want that perfect brew, you need to get out of the habit of reboiling your water.

Instead, use a mug to measure out exactly the amount of water you’ll need (saves the planet and your pennies), and boil the kettle with freshly drawn, cold water.

If you do this you’ll have a great tasting oxygenated tea, which can lower your bills with each cup!

Follow the brewing instructions

Our top tip is to always read the label, the instructions are written by the experts.

Green teas like a slightly cooler brewing temperature of 80 degrees, while your classic breakfast black tea can withstand boiling (100 degrees) water.

Often the brewing instructions will include whether or not the blend is best enjoyed with milk.

Sit back and enjoy

You’ve now made the perfect cuppa – sure to improve any situation, mood or problem, it’s guaranteed.


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