Cadbury launching a plant-based chocolate bar for vegans – but it's MORE calories and double the price of Dairy Milk

Cadbury launching a plant-based chocolate bar for vegans – but it's MORE calories and double the price of Dairy Milk

CADBURY'S is launching a vegan Dairy Milk bar – but anyone watching the pennies – or the calories – might want to steer clear. 

The iconic chocolate brand has announced the arrival of two new chocolate bars for vegans, with an apology for taking so long to do so. 

The plant-based chocolate bar comes in two flavours: Smooth Milk and Salted Caramel Pieces.

But the vegan treats not only have more calories than the standard version – they’re double the price. 

The 90g Cadbury Plant Bar has a recommended retail price of £2.50. However, chocoholics can pick up a 110g standard bar of Dairy Milk at Tesco for 98p, or a 200g bar for £1.80. 

And anyone who assumes plant-based chocolate is the healthier option could be in for a surprise. 

Dairy Milk comes in at 534 calories per 100g, but the Smooth Chocolate Plant Bar clocks in at 559 calories per 100g. 

A number of other top brands have already created vegan products. 

KitKat launched its plant-based bar earlier this year, and posh choccy brands Divine and Hotel Chocolat also offer vegan treats.

Cadbury’s has apologised for taking so long to create a vegan offering. It said: “We can only apologise for making our fans wait. Ensuring we deliver against our commitment to exceptional flavour has taken quite some time, but as of November, the wait is over.” 

But the firm might want to consider apologising for the price and calorie content instead. The plant bars also have more fat than the standard version. 

While Cadbury’s promises each of its Dairy Milk bars contains a glass and a half of milk, the vegan bars will contain a blend of cocoa, almond paste and rice extract. 

The plant bar will be available in newsagents and supermarkets from January. 

And with the vegan craze picking up in popularity, Cadbury’s is not the only brand expanding its range of plant-based options.

Away from the world of chocolate, bakery chain Greggs has had huge success with its vegan sausage roll.

Restaurant chain Wagamamas is adding four new plant-based dishes to its range, meaning 50% of its menu is now plant-based. 

Dishes will include Spicy Teriyaki Vegan “Chicken” Steamed Buns, Spicy Vegan “Short Rib” Ramen, Teriyaki Vegan “Chicken” Ramen, and Shu’s “Shiok” Jackfruit. 

The dishes will use mushroom, soya and jackfruit in place of meat.

For chocolate fans who are not vegan, we have tested supermarket mini rolls to find the best of the bunch.

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