Cafe owner creates hand drawn interior in his comic-inspired eatery

Cafe owner creates hand drawn interior in his comic-inspired eatery

A real b-artist-a! Cafe owner with no art experience spends four months creating hand-drawn interior in his comic-inspired eatery

  • Chris Lui, 32, is the owner of comic-themed cafe Waku Waku in Manchester 
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The owner of a comic-themed restaurant has shared impressive images showing black and white images decorating the interior of the eatery – that he drew by hand over a four month period.

Creative Chris Lui, 32, decided to open Waku Waku in Manchester city centre after being inspired by Manga cafes, where visitors can read Japanese comics.

He was also inspired by 2D cafes in Hong Kong, South Korea and Dubai, which is where cafes look like they are in a comic book.

Landmarks on the walls include places such as London Bridge while it also features a fake bookshelf and paintings of people.

Chris drew every cartoon on the walls himself and used around 150 pencils, despite having no artistic experience.

Chris Lui, 32, (pictured) is the owner of Waku Waku in Manchester city centre, a comic book-themed cafe

Waku Waku owner Chris Lui pictured inside the cafe with his wife Gigi Chung, 34 and daughter Kasey Lui, three

The 32-year-old, who has no previous artistic experience, spent some four months drawing the black and white images in his cafe

According to Chris (pictured outside the eatery), Waku Waku is the first comic-themed Japanese restaurant in the UK

He said: ‘I was drawing every single day until midnight, or sometimes even until 2am.

‘I had to look at what I was going to draw, then I would do up a draft and then I would do it on the wall.

‘It was very hard because if I messed up, then I would have to go back in and use a white pencil to cover up any mistakes that I made.

‘This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this – I don’t know how to draw at all. 

‘Before this, I worked at the bank HSBC for over 10 years, so it was different.’ 

The cafe, which features an entirely black and white interior, has a 2D appearance thanks to the design style

Among the 2D drawings decorating the unique cafe are a fireplace and a bookcase, as well as other touches like a gramophone

The walls boast a whole host of drawings, including physical landmarks as well as replicas of items like phones and paintings

Chris’s daughter Kasey Lui (pictured) inside her dad’s comic book-themed restaurant Waku Waku in Manchester,

The cafe boasts an amazing interior, with everything looking like 2D drawings thanks to the black and white hand drawn aesthetic

Chris (pictured in the cafe) says he was inspired by Manga cafes as well as 2D cafes in Hong Kong, South Korea and Dubai

Waku Waku (pictured) opened today (August 15), serving Japanese food, which Chris is excited for patrons to try

The eatery (pictured) offers a totally different aesthetic to the vast majority of cafes on the high street (pictured: Chris Lui’s daughter Kasey)

Incredibly, the artistic endeavour marks the first time Chris has attempted such a challenge – showing his natural aptitude for it

Chris Lui’s eatery Waku Waku, which is described as the first of its kind in the UK, can be found in Manchester city centre

The restaurant opened today (August 15) and serves a range of Japanese food.

Speaking before the opening, Chris said he was ‘very excited’ about ‘bringing a new concept to Manchester.’

Chris, who is originally from Hong Kong, said: ‘I feel very excited and I hope people will love the concept and come and try some Japanese food.

‘Some people don’t want to try new things but I just wanted to bring a new concept to Manchester.’

He added: ‘I hope people will like it.’

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