Camillas clever body language trick to win royal support – Subtly vulnerable

Camillas clever body language trick to win royal support – Subtly vulnerable

Archers fan Camilla welcomes cast and crew to Clarence House

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has attended countless royal engagements and supported several charities since she married Prince Charles in 2005. Although some people opposed the couple’s marriage in earlier years, Camilla has gone on to become a very popular member of the Royal Family.

The early years of Charles and Camilla’s relationship were placed under significant scrutiny.

Charles’ divorce from his late first wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, was a source of great interest to the public, and many did not approve of Charles’ relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, as she was known then.

But after tying the knot, Charles and Camilla became an established royal unit, and they are frequently entrusted by the Queen to represent her at high-profile events.

And in her own right, Camilla has proved to be a hard-working and dedicated member of the Royal Family, often supporting poignant charitable causes.

Over December, Camilla has stepped out for several royal engagements across the country.

Camilla visited the Royal Trinity Hospice in London to switch on its Christmas lights, in addition to celebrating the 70th anniversary of ‘The Archers’ at Clarence House.

Camilla also headed up to Wiltshire to visit the newly converted Parade Cinema in Marlborough.

Based on analysis by body language expert Judi James, Camilla often looks “subtly vulnerable and resolutely self-effacing” in order to “win people around”.

Ms James explained: “Her gestures suggest she is never entirely comfortable in her royal role and these signals will tend to elicit sympathy and a desire to offer reassurance from the people she meets.

“There are three key body language cues that she displays to achieve this: first there is her self-effacing smile.

“The traditional royal smile that is a signature gesture of both the Queen and Kate, is symmetric with the mouth raised at each corner.

“Camilla’s smile though tends to be upturned, with the corners of her mouth pulled down slightly rather than up.

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“This trait sends out more complex signals of self-effacing warmth and lowered status.”

Other aspects of the Duchess’ body language appear to show her discomfort in the royal spotlight.

Ms James added: “Second is her eye expression. Camilla’s eyes tend to be narrowed with deep crinkling at the sides and beneath the eye socket.

“There is also a line of crinkles down her cheeks and this creates a very kind-looking smile.

“When she is not smiling though her eyes will often be rounded in what looks like fear, suggesting a lack of inner self-confidence, and this more startled expression would prompt kindness from the people she meets.”

During several royal engagements in recent weeks, Camilla has been gifted a bunch of flowers by members of the public.

And according to Ms James, how Camilla has received these bouquets has spoken volumes about Camilla’s feelings.

The body language expert explained: “Camilla’s third signal comes from her hands.

“Rather than adopting an air of gracious acceptance when she is given a bouquet, she tends to hold the flowers out or to hold them aloft as though worried they might explode.

“Royal women tend to be very adept at accepting flowers at events but Camilla tends to carry hers as though receiving the tribute for the very first time and this ‘down to earth’ signalling helps to evoke bonds of empathy with her audience.”

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