Capricorn January 2022 horoscope: What’s in store for the Earth sign this month

Capricorn January 2022 horoscope: What’s in store for the Earth sign this month

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Capricorn season is always a spectacular time for people born under this sign. You’ll feel totally yourself and be able to make moves towards success (whatever that means for you). chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the Capricorn January horoscope for 2022.

With each new year comes a chance to take to the stage and shine, Capricorn, since the Sun is in your sign every January!

Bex said: “During your birthday season the focus is on you, and opportunities to step into the spotlight should be embraced!

“2022 brings with it a strong desire to assert your independence and authority, and you’ll find yourself more dedicated than ever to tread your own path to the top.

“You’re bold, courageous and determined to make an impression, so focus on what success means to you this year.

“Start putting actions into place to get there in January – nothing can stop you right now!”

The New Moon arrives on January 2 and compels you to have some kind of makeover.

Bex advised: “Spend the first week of January thinking about how you want to reinvent yourself.

“A new hairdo, update of your wardrobe, or altering your style and appearance in some way could stimulate positive change.

“Doing this will pave the way for the person you want to embody in 2022, so grab the chance of transformation with both hands.”

When Mercury goes retrograde on January 14, you could feel some confusion regarding your finances.

In fact, you may even feel a little fearful about your bank balance (whether it’s dwindling or not).

Bex said: “Try not to succumb to spiralling worries about money, instead set yourself practical, small goals when it comes to budgeting.

“This will help to ensure you’re not splashing the cash unnecessarily and sticking your head in the sand!”

Don’t worry, you won’t have to be budget crazy for long… you may have a little extra money from January 20.

Bex explained: “When the Sun enters Aquarius, it heralds a chance to increase your income, especially via an innovative idea.

“Spend the end of the month brainstorming your quirky thoughts to see how they could bring in more cash!”

When the Full Moon arrives in your sister sign of Cancer on January 17, it puts your relationships in the spotlight.

Bex said: “Full Moons are a time of culmination and ending, so if things haven’t been right in your love life, then this will become impossible to ignore.

“It also brings all your insecurities to the surface so it’s an important time for self-care.

“Equally, it can mean reaching a new level of intensity with a partner, choosing to commit to one another, or you could take the plunge and kick start a connection when you come out of your shell.

“When Venus goes direct in your sign on January 29, it’s a crucial time to think about the relationship you have with yourself and notice how you appreciate yourself.

“If you don’t believe you’re worthy of love, then why should anyone else?”

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