Christmas supermarket delivery slot hacks – like becoming a loyalty card member

Christmas supermarket delivery slot hacks – like becoming a loyalty card member

After coronavirus restrictions put a stop to last year’s celebrations, the demand at supermarkets during Christmas is expected to be higher than ever, reports The Mirror .

This means that getting a delivery slot could be difficult – and most major supermarkets have already released their first spaces.

But there are some ways to make a successful booking at a supermarket.

First is to register for updates with your preferred store or stores.

This will help you find out when they’re going to be releasing more delivery slots and what the criteria are for booking one will be.

If you’re already a member of a delivery or saver scheme then you may get an advance booking.

Those on the government’s priority list should still be able to book slots specifically reserved for vulnerable people.

Each supermarket has a Q&A section explaining how this works, but basically if you were shielding during lockdown you should already be on the priority list. If you’re not on the list, then you should speak to your doctor about it.

Keep in mind competition for these slots is still high so don’t delay before booking.

  • 'I refuse to cook my non-vegan guests meat on Christmas day – it's disgusting'

Another thing to keep in mind is that supermarket deliveries are not always dependable.

During lockdown and last Christmas, there were many complaints about deliveries being cancelled or delivery slots vanishing.

Though this problem has been fixed, it could happen again, especially when demands are high. So it’s good to have a back-up plan.

Start shopping for the trimmings, or emergency back-up items for your Christmas dinner right now. Most of these can be frozen. Since demand is high, start looking up alternatives like pork, goose, venison etc, and buy them now.

What to do if your supermarket delivery is cancelled?

You’re entitled to a full refund for any items that aren’t delivered or aren’t suitable.

To save time, go straight to the ‘substitutions’ section on the invoice, and you can also reject these items straight away if you’re unhappy.

If you’ve been assured that you’d have items like turkey by Christmas, you can make a formal complaint if they don’t turn up.

Compensation will not be much though, so the safest route to ensuring your Christmas dinner is having a backup plan.

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