Commuters left in stitches as sex toy spotted stuck to train station sign

Commuters left in stitches as sex toy spotted stuck to train station sign

Commuters have been left giggling after a sex toy was stuck to a rail way sign for all to see.

Portsmouth and Southsea station has been targeted by a large dildo that was mysteriously placed at the entrance of the depot.

In a photo posted to Reddit, the pleasure inducing toy can be seen firmly stuck onto the coastal cities name on the train station sign.

Impressively, the large toy landed right on the letter ‘O’ in Southsea perfectly covering up the vowel.


But, one unfortunate rail worker had the hard job of getting the plastic phallus down.

The bloke can be seen armed with a lengthy yellow stick reaching for the girthy menace as it mocked those below.

And of course, many people found the incident hilarious and so took to the comments to poke fun at the racy station sign.

One person mocked: "So who's turn is it to get the dildo removal stick out."

Another user chuckled: “They used to have to climb up the pole and harvest them by hand, tugging till they came loose.

“Now they use the stick to whack them off quickly.”

A third person noted: “Why has he got a measuring stick…”

Someone else joked: “I'm imagining the stick behind a glass cabinet which says "smash only in dildo related emergencies".”

As a fifth user said: “The guy taking it down has a mask but not gloves.”

That's one way to liven up the commute!

In other phallic-themed news, shoppers were left giggling at this penis-shaped cushion from Sainsbury’s.

And, a family hid a penis toy on their Christmas tree in this X-Rated festive tradition.

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