Daily horoscope for January 6: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac today

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Today’s horoscope sees some tension between the Moon and the Sun. The celestial bodies are locked into one another at 90-degree angle in what is known as a Square aspect. Squares can be troublesome if unprepared as they often lead to tension between the two planets involved.

Libra in this case is the zodiac sign of diplomacy, dialogue and harmony.

People who follow Libra’s guiding principles are natural-born negotiators who tend to look after others more than they look after themselves.

Capricorn meanwhile is a very determined energy that exudes discipline and responsibility.

When the two star signs clash, like they do today, you may feel split between the need to get things done no matter what and the need to step back and takes things slowly.

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Another influence to be aware of today comes in the form of Venus and the Sun.

The Planet of Love will exemplify love and creation and will leave its imprint on anyone born today.

Consequently, burning passions and emotions will flare up even though this is where Capricorn will stumble.

Look to Venus today for a passionate, colourful boost and love is sure to flow your way.

According to astrologer Gregory Scott, the masculine influence of Mars will also makes itself present.

Unlike the feminine aspects of love and beauty Venus exalts, Mars prioritises competition and the drive to resolve issues.

This is further compounded by Mars transitioning into the “super-butch” sign of Taurus the Bull.

Taurus is a very grounded Earth sign but it is also known for being very headstrong.

Mr Scott said: “It’s focused on maintaining what is, taking control of things, it loves food, it loves beauty, it loves money and really feeling like you’re building your own little castle.

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“It’s very interesting in your empire, okay? So with Mars in Taurus it’s really like, ‘What can I do, what can I take charge of.'”

And if you think back to the Moon in Libra today, odds are Venus will step in to even things out.

This is because Venus rules over Libra and Mr Scott believes this will work in your favour when paired with Mars.

He said: “It’s really kind of cooling someone’s jets for them.”

The astrologer believes this can help you maintain some semblance of inner balance today.

Because on the one hand, you will experience a need to control the things around you.

But on the other, you will want to network and integrate with other people in a way that makes both drives work for you.

And with the Sun in Capricorn looking down on you, you will feel the need to achieve something big.

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