Daily horoscope for July 1: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Wednesday’s horoscope is affected when Mercury Retrograde and the Sun in Cancer Conjunct, capable of giving brith to a new idea. The conjunction aspect describes two separate points in the solar system that unite and blend their energies.

Astrologers agree today’s combination might be the seed of a brand-new world.

For now, it is only happening in your head, but do not dismiss this, as this is where all great ideas are initially born.

So nurture today’s Conjunction, and bear with it.

Although several months may pass before you see the end results, this is what gestation is all about.


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Wednesday, July 1 marks a key turning point in the world at large and in your own thinking.

Mercury in Cancer remains Retrograde, so this is no time to be publicising your views.

But as Mercury is being swallowed up by the Sun, now is also the ideal opportunity to let go of old ideas and prick up your ears.

Pick up new vibes and you may start to you feel your world shifting and opening up so something new.

The Sun and Mercury plant a brand new idea in your head today.

You have a simple task to do today: to sit quietly with it, however faint, and let it take hold.

Star sign Cancer, where the Sun and Mercury now are, is fully aware of the status quo today.

Uranus and Chiron are there to help with this seeding process and what you come up with is sure to be brilliant, unconventional and innovative.

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Uranus and the asteroid both witness this silent rebirth taking place this Wednesday.

And with such rebels by your side, you can but reach a single conclusion: it is not worth playing by the rules.

There is no point conforming, complying, being obedient, responsible, climbing the ladder and killing your individuality and authenticity in the process.

And doing it all for some now debunked lie revealed to be an empty and financially defunct shell.

This is almost entirely thanks to gas giant Jupiter and Pluto.

Your individuality matters. Your uniqueness is all you have. You’re increasingly ready to make that count.

The Scorpio Moon is all for that as it connects with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto, before going void.

And in that quiet darkness in the dead of tonight’s witching hour is when Saturn returns to Capricorn.

The Scorpio Moon can penetrate into all these truths and serve them cold.

You can still be confident some of also experiencing a Sextile with Neptune in Pisces on the side, able to fire your imagination.

A Trine with Jupiter and Pluto is next, which means you should anticipate fireworks later.

You’re ready to grab this bull by the horns and emerge victorious.

Ringed planet Saturn slips back into Capricorn in the dead of night and the countdown begins.

You actually have until the end of the year to be the change that you seek.

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