Employers could be forced to pay workers minimum wage under government plans

Employers could be forced to pay workers minimum wage under government plans

EMPLOYERS could be forced to pay the minimum wage to workers under new plans revealed by the government today.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) wants to launch a new body that will have more rights to tackle unscrupulous employers.

This new organisation would also enforce holiday pay for vulnerable workers and ensure agency workers are not underpaid.

Minimum wage is the amount workers are entitled to in the UK, although how much you get depends on your age.

But while the national limits are legally binding, they can be hard to enforce.

Anyone who thinks they are not getting the minimum wage should complain to their employer in the first instance.

What is the national minimum wage?

FROM April 2019, the minimum wage rates are as follows:

  • Aged 25 and over: £8.21 an hour
  • Aged 21-24: £7.70 an hour
  • Aged 18-20: £6.15 an hour
  • Under 18: £4.35 an hour
  • Apprentice: £3.90 an hour

If this does not get them anywhere, the next step is to take the complaint to HMRC which will investigate.

The proposals also consider whether this new body should take action in cases of workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying.

But the plans are just a consultation at this stage with no date on when the government hopes they could take force.

A consultation on the proposals is open for 12 weeks and you can respond to it online, via email or via post.

The measure is the latest in the government's so-called "good work plan", first announced in December last year, which aims to upgrade workers' rights.

Business secretary Greg Clark said: "It’s right that hard-working people see their rights upgraded and are protected from exploitative practices, while ensuring we create a level playing field for the vast majority of businesses which comply with employment laws."

The announcement comes after it was reported last month that the UK could eliminate low wages by 2025.

But could the minimum wage be hiked up to £9.60 an hour? Phillip Hammond is considering it to help solve the issue of low pay.

What would your dream wage be? Most of the UK state that £39,000 is the ideal salary.

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