Every time I have sex I get a UTI and it is putting me off being intimate | The Sun

Every time I have sex I get a UTI and it is putting me off being intimate | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WATER infections are the bane of my life – every time I have sex it brings on another UTI.

I’m 38 and my new partner is 40. We’ve only been seeing each other for four months.

At first we couldn’t keep our hands off one another but now I avoid it.

I really like him. He’s handsome, educated and such a gentleman.

But every time I have sex with him I come down with all the symptoms of a UTI.

This is the third time I’ve been prescribed antibiotics and it’s putting me off getting passionate with him.

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He planned a whole date night at the weekend which included a beautiful hotel stay and romantic candlelit dinner.

He really set the mood for intimacy but when it came to it I began to feel anxious and made out that I was on my period.

I don’t want to avoid sex because I have strong feelings towards him, but the water infections that follow leave me in debilitating pain.

Does this mean we’re not compatible?


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DEIDRE SAYS: Urine tract infections are incredibly common and have nothing to do with compatibility.

Some women find that they are prone to UTIs within a day or so after having intercourse.

This may be partly due to the movements during sex which may push bacteria up into the bladder.

There may also be slight damage to the urine outlet tube (urethra) and this encourages bacteria to thrive.

Don’t let this spoil your sex life. There are options to help you avoid coming down with a UTI.

It would be good to explain to your partner what your concerns are as he might already have picked up that you are avoiding intimacy.

As you are suffering with recurrent UTI infections it is important to go back to your doctor for further advice and potentially investigations.

Antibiotics don’t work for everyone, or you could perhaps have a long-term (chronic) UTI that isn’t being picked up.

Please have a look at the NHS website for more information.

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