Ex-teacher trolled for ‘selling out her students’ by stripping on OnlyFans

Ex-teacher trolled for ‘selling out her students’ by stripping on OnlyFans

An OnlyFans star who ditched her teaching career says jealous ex colleagues gossip about her while trolls call her a sell out.

Courtney Tillia spent six years as a teacher for autistic kids before ditching it to become a life coach.

But in 2019 the mum-of-four turned to OnlyFans – and now makes up to $100,000 (£75,000) per month on the explicit site.

Despite transforming her family’s life and now being able to splash out thousands on her kids this Christmas, Courtney said she is still stigmatised.

The 34-year-old told the Daily Star: “I have heard from others that former colleagues and the administration at the school talk about me – but none of them have had the courage to say it to me directly.

“I hear that the more successful I’ve become, the less they talk.”

Courtney said being on OnlyFans is common in her home of LA but she said keyboard warriors still target her online.

Trolls also write vicious things about her children – something Courtney described as “completely and totally unacceptable”.

She added: “I understand that what’s directed at me somewhat comes with the territory, but with recent videos coming out that include my family, I’ve heard about some pretty awful comments about my kids.

“When there is a news article that comes out, the comments can be pretty nasty. From making generalised statements about ‘girls like me who are selling their bodies’ to very specific and mean comments.

“Calling me a horrible mum, saying I’m selfish, critiquing my body and saying that I sold out my students to make a quick buck.”

Courtney said those types of comments don’t bother her because she has a thick skin and can handle bullying.

But she added: “It worries me to know that these same people are probably directing the same hate toward more vulnerable persons. It’s disheartening.”

Despite receiving some hateful messages, Courtney said the vast majority of the ones she gets are supportive.

And she said a lot of that encouragement comes from fellow mums.

“Many mothers have even said they would do it too if they had my confidence or body,” Courtney added.

“Other mums don’t want to do OnlyFans like I do, but they want the financial freedom and to be able to express themselves or to feel confident by just being them.”

Courtney – who previously told the Daily Star how she defied her strict Christian background to join OnlyFans – has 25,000 subscribers across two pages.

She will spend Christmas with her family but said she will also be responding to messages from her subscribers over the festive season.

And she now hopes to give her family a Christmas to remember thanks to her recent success on OnlyFans.

Courtney said: “When I was a school teacher, finances were very tight. There were a couple years when we couldn’t afford any presents for our kids, and the only gifts they received were ones given by our family.

“It’s been incredible to not only provide for my kids, but we’ve been able to provide for many children and families in need.

“There wasn’t a budget this year for Christmas, and that has been fun. I’m not sure how much I’ve spent to be honest, easily over $1000 per kid if I had to guess.

“It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas.”

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