FEMAIL reveals the stars with major PDA after marriage split

FEMAIL reveals the stars with major PDA after marriage split

Why DO celebs love PDA (that’s post-divorce affection!)? Experts reveal what’s behind Matt Hancock, JLo and Megan Fox’s VERY tactile displays after marriage break-ups

  • Matt Hancock and his girlfriend Gina Coladangelo have been packing on PDA 
  • Couple’s relationship was revealed while Matt was still married to his ex-wife 
  • Far from first divorced couple who struggled to keep hands off each other 
  • Megan Fox is known for her public displays of affection with Machine Gun Kelly 
  • Meanwhile Ben Affleck and JLo have also been all over each other since reunion
  • Experts told FEMAIL the couples might feel there is a ‘huge PR pay off’ to PDA 

Matt Hancock and his girlfriend Gina Coladangelo have been all over each other since the MP left the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! jungle last week.

The politician’s relationship with Gina was exposed after they were caught in a clinch on his Whitehall office’s CCTV, which made headlines around the world, cost him his job and led to the collapse of his 15-year marriage to wife Martha, the mother of his three young children.

However he is far from the first star to pack on the PDA with a new love following a high profile split, with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, as well as Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, also behaving in the same manner.

And experts have told FEMAIL how stars may feel the over-the-top touchy-feeliness of a new relationship can offer a ‘huge financial pay off’. 

Experts have revealed how celebrities who go through high profile splits like Matt Hancock may be touchy feely with their new partner because it can have a ‘huge financial pay off’

Relationship guru Kate Mansfield said: ‘For most celebrity couples in this situation there is a huge PR and financial/business pay off to PDA.’

She said this is ‘especially’ true for those who are both very famous, such as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

She said: ‘They know that their fans will increase and feel the romance that they share as a compelling and enhancing factor. 

‘There could also be a feeling they need to protect their reputation and to manage and limit damage control and therefore public displays is a way to seduce the public into falling in love with their new partner vicariously through their PDA.’

Relationship expert Kate Mansfield said celebrities ‘know that their fans will increase and feel the romance that they share as a compelling and enhancing factor’ if they pack on the PDA (left, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, and right, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker) 

Meanwhile she also revealed how honeymoon periods can be ‘more extreme’ in celebrity romances.

She said: ‘Most celebrities live a life full of high and lows and this ultimately is at its most extreme in their love lives. 

‘It is often the case that the honeymoon period is more extreme in celeb romances, because they are already to some extent living an unreal life, where everything is magnified. 

‘They are gifted at creating a magical and fantasy escape from the drudge of a ‘normal’ life and so it is inevitable that this would leak over into their relationships.’

Tina Wilson Dating Expert and Founder of Wingman, explained: ‘Public displays of affection are common in new relationships as they are full of excitement and give a couple a surge in feel good hormones and their confidence levels increase.

‘The boost in self-esteem and security they feel from the new relationship is outwardly expressed with lots of public displays of affection, especially with new celebrity couples who are conscious and aware of their public image.’

Meanwhile she also revealed how honeymoon periods can be ‘more extreme’ in celebrity romances

She continued: ‘Usually PDAs are overlooked if you are a young couple or it is your first serious relationship or love, but today we are seeing more people become confident with intense PDA in new relationships after a long term past relationship or post divorce.

‘Partly, this is to prove the haters wrong, especially if we are referencing a famous face like Matt Hancock who was heavily criticised for his affair and behaviour It could also be to validate and remind your new partner of just how much they mean to them. 

‘When a couple are on the same page PDA can look extremely intense to others and the display of public affection can most certainly become even more passionate.

‘Romantic and caring gestures, such as, holding hands or a random kiss will release happy hormones, giving the person a natural high, and unconsciously the couple will keep seeking this feeling in each other. 

‘Particularly for famous people, they can really enjoy showing off and flaunting their new love for all to see.’

She continued: ‘The thrill from showing off their love, such as in the case of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, can become synonymous with who they are as a couple and brand.

Another celebrity who has packed on the passion following her high profile splits is Nicole Kidman, who is often photographed kissing her new husband Keith Urban 

‘In general terms, there could also perhaps be past regrets from old relationships and their new relationship is a fresh start where they want to do things right. 

‘Perhaps in their past relationship something was missing or they neglected their old partner’s wants and needs. In their new relationship they are proactively reminding and ensuring their partner’s needs are met.’

Dr Andrea and Jon Taylor Cummings, of 4 Habits Consulting, explained: ‘The thrill of a new relationship offers a sense of discovery and fun and excitement and unpredictability of where it’s going. 

‘But it’s also about being ‘seen’ again for who you are as an individual not as the mother or the logistics organiser or the breadwinner or the doer of the stuff that needs to get done on a daily basis but for the wonderful engaging and lovable person that you are, which means feeling loved and valued again as an individual.

‘Quite often by the time they’re in a new relationship they’ve gone through the hard work of having and raising children, building a career, creating financial stability, and so the relationship can be just about them – which feels indulgent and euphoric compared to what life might have been like before. 

‘And so they can pour themselves into the new relationship with abandon, Just enjoying being seen as that wonderful human being all over again, and enjoying the moment with lots of affection – both in public and in private.

‘Not sure it’s about having something to prove and laying it on thick because people are watching. 

Public display: Kanye West was not afraid to pack on the passion with Julia Fox following his break from Kim Kardashian 

‘Perhaps it is some of that but I think it’s also about learning to just be and having the maturity to not worry about what other people think anymore.’

Mr Hancock previously admitted he had ‘blown up every part of my life’ after he was caught on CCTV cheating on his wife with married aide and millionaire lobbyist Gina against the door of his Whitehall office in June last year.

He lost his job when it emerged they were seeing each other despite her being his aide and them breaking social distancing rules that he had created.

However he and Gina have since gone on to put on an overly-loved up display on a number of occasions, including on the MP’s exit from the jungle.

He’s far from the first celebrity to be over-the-top with their first love following a high profile split.   

Celebrity couples such as Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé Travis Barker have taken things to new heights to prove their passion to the world.

The couple, known for their no holds barred PDAs, are regularly photographed French kissing.

Couples like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox or, before they parted ways, Kanye West and model Julia Fox have also been seen showing off rather a lot of tongue in their public embraces. 

All had been through recent high profile divorces or splits before ramping up the PDA in their next relationship.

Meanwhile other stars including Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who have also gone through high profile splits before finding love with one another, regularly show off their love on the red carpet.   

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