Foodies are divided over this mum's impeccably organised fridge

Foodies are raving about this mum’s impeccably organised fridge – but some are concerned with one VERY specific issue

  • A mum has divided foodies on social media after sharing a snap of her fridge
  • The Australian woman called Caterina shared the organised photo online
  • But many were worried about how much one of the shelves on the fridge sags
  • Others were concerned about the amount of sugar in the drinks in the fridge 

A mum has divided foodies on social media, after she shared a snap of her impeccably organised fridge. 

The Australian woman, called Caterina, posted on Facebook, where she shared the photo and wrote ‘what’s not to love about these $1 glasses from Kmart’.

The accompanying image shows Caterina’s ‘summer fridge’, filled with fruit and various containers of juice and water for her children.

While many were impressed with the array of healthy foods on offer in the fridge, not everyone was on board with the display – with some drawing attention to a noticeable ‘sag’ in the second shelf with the Kmart glasses on it.

A mum has divided foodies on social media, after she shared a snap of her impeccably organised fridge (pictured)

‘I don’t know if it’s just my eyes, but the shelf with all the glasses looks like it’s bowing,’ one person posted.

‘Besides that, I love it. So clean, so organised and so healthy.’

Others said they too had noticed the sagging shelf and would ‘reinforce it’ before using the shelf again. 

‘It’s definitely not your eyes. I can see it too,’ one woman wrote.

Caterina replied to some of the comments and said she had checked the shelf and it was fine.

But it wasn’t just the bowing shelf that some found issue with, as others said they didn’t like the fact that there are ‘sugary drinks’ inside the fridge.

‘Juice is so bad for kids,’ one person posted.

‘You drink a lot of juice!’ another added. 

‘Have you thought about buying a juicer? Tonnes less sugar. Fructose yes, but refined no.’

While some had issues with the fridge, the vast majority said they thought it was ‘organisation goals’ and ‘perfect’.

‘I never thought I would envy drudge organisation, but that is stunning,’ one woman said. 

‘I admire people that are this organised,’ another added. 

Caterina added that she has a second fridge for her meat and other foods. 

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