Four bedroom £365,000 Italian villa with a swimming pool could be yours for £25

A four-bedroom villa in the Tuscan hills worth 400k is set to be raffled for just £25 a ticket. 

Jon and Annmarie Nurse, both 45, said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to bag their dream home at a price anyone could afford. 

Jon said everyone deserves to live in their dream home and was hopeful he could make that happen. 

The Tuscan stone villa in Garfagnana, in the heart of Northern Tuscany, boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a swimming pool and substantial landscaped gardens. 

The couple have also pledged to donate £50,000 to The Children’s Society, a national charity supporting vulnerable children in England and Wales.

It was previously listed for sale for €395,000, meaning it's worth around £365,000.

The house is being flogged by the couple through a lottery process.

This means that if you enter the competition, and all of the 20,000 tickets are sold, you could win the house – which is free of any mortgages or charges.

Under the terms and conditions on the house lottery website, it adds the winner would be free from "other encumbrances at the promoter’s expense and including all fees charges and Italian house purchase taxes. Expenses for 2 x European flights, 2 days car hire and hotel will also be covered."

But if all the tickets aren't sold, the couple have said they will either award the house, depending on the number of tickets sold, or give the winner a cash prize, with a deduction of 20% for expenses and marketing fees plus a 10% charity donation.

Once you purchase your £25 raffle ticket, you will be sent a personalised URL which you can share online to encourage others to enter the draw.

Whoever's URL gets the most entries will also win a £10,000 cash prize or £5,000 cash prize if there are tied winners.

But if the actual number of entries sold is less than 20,000, the couple will not award the URL prize.

The deadline for the draw is January 29, 2021.

You can see the full terms and conditions of the competition on the house's website.

Raffling off homes has become a popular alternative to the traditional ways of selling property, particularly with those struggling with a stalling market – but they don't come without their risks as many home lotteries never sell enough tickets as they are competitions.

Normally in these kind of competitions, there's a minimum number of tickets they're required to sell for the sale to actually go ahead.

For example, the winner of a Brixton flat, marketed by Raffle House, ended up taking home a £173,000 cheque instead of the keys to their new home after selling only a portion of the 150,000 tickets.

In January 2019, a Dorset woman who “won” a £3million mega-house received only £110,000 after the millionaire couple behind the raffle decided to keep their home and pocket £500,000.

And in 2017, Dunstan Low raised almost £1million raffling his six-bedroom Lancashire manor house worth £845,000.

Jon and Annmarie have said they've worked with the Gambling Commission and have made sure that people's details are protected under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules.

You'll need to be over 18 to take part and it's open to first-time buyers and homeowners alike.

To enter, you'll need to buy your tickets before the January 29 deadline via the Win Houses in Italy website.

You'll also need to answer a question and complete your application in English rather than Italian.

Earlier this year, a two-bed £500,000 East London flat was being raffled off.

A five-bed Millionaire’s Row house was also being flogged in £2 raffle.

And another woman was raffling off her £250k house for a quid – with furniture included.

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