Grammys Seat-Filler Reveals What Allegedly Went Down Between J.Lo and Ben Affleck In TikTok Video

Grammys Seat-Filler Reveals What Allegedly Went Down Between J.Lo and Ben Affleck In TikTok Video

She says Ben knew his facial expressions had already been turned into a meme during the show.

Ben Affleck was less than thrilled about becoming a meme during the 2023 Grammy Awards, this according to someone who sat next to them during the show.

Anna — the seat-filler who says she was seated next to the “Good Will Hunting” star and his wife Jennifer Lopez — took to TikTok to address what was going on between them after Affleck was spotted with a grumpy look on his face during the ceremony.

She explained that she was picked to keep Dwayne Johnson’s seat warm and claimed that while sitting next to Ben and Jen, the “Get Loud” singer realized her husband was going viral for his expressions. She shared the news with Ben, who apparently he wasn’t happy to be trending, but also couldn’t care less about the perception.

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“J.Lo showed Ben Affleck [her] phone and was like, ‘Oh my god, honey, look at this meme circulating about you,’ and he was like, ‘Oh god, this again,'” she claimed.

The actor/director previously went viral for the “Sad Affleck” meme when he appeared to be upset during a press junket for “Batman v. Superman.”

Anna continued, “He knew during the performance that he was a meme. Like, he knew and he also chose just not to change his expression. I love how unbothered that is. So I know that she was on her phone and saw it and was like, ‘Honey this is so funny, look at this,’ and he was like ‘Jesus Christ.'”

Jennifer Lopez Admits Blending Families With Ben Affleck Has Been an 'Emotional Transition'

According to a lip reader hired by the Daily Mail, Lopez allegedly told Affleck “Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated.”

Contrary to internet speculation, however, Anna claimed that “the whole time, they were cute and s—. They were super lovey dovey, like their hands were always intertwined … So it wasn’t like, ‘Oh my god, this is going to lead to divorce,’ like, they were cute.”

After sitting “next to them for a good bit,” Anna left when Johnson and his wife returned to their seats.

“I didn’t know the meme of Ben Affleck being upset at award shows, like I didn’t know that was a thing,” she confessed, before explaining she didn’t speak to Affleck while seated beside him because he “didn’t look happy.”

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