Gran ‘feels like she is being repeatedly buried alive’ after suffering stroke

A gran 'feels like she is being repeatedly buried alive' after suffering a stroke.

Jennifer McGinlay, 63, has been left with locked-in syndrome which leaves her 'crying hysterically' as she is unable to move or communicate.

Daughter Amanda Percy said it has been heartbreaking to watch her mum suffer with the condition, which she was left with after a brain stem stroke in November last year.

The mum-of-three, from Broomhouse, Glasgow, is aware of her surroundings but cannot move due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body.

Amanda told the Daily Record : "My poor mum is mentally all there. She knows exactly what's going on but cannot physically move her body.

"It's heartbreaking to watch her going through this on a daily basis.

"Some days she gets so frustrated because she knows what she wants to do but she can't, so she just ends up crying hysterically.

"What's she been left with has been likened to being buried alive. It's horrendous and must be so frightening for her."

Jennifer's worried family and friends sat by her bedside constantly for days after she fell ill unexpectedly.

They were told by doctors she only had a 10 per cent chance of survival.

Amanda said: "During the first three days we were getting the worst news thrown at us from the hospital staff.

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