Gran’s disgust at vile insults aimed at Turkish airport staff by Jet2 passengers

Gran’s disgust at vile insults aimed at Turkish airport staff by Jet2 passengers

A Scottish grandmother says she was left embarrassed and disgusted after hearing her compatriots brand Turkish airport staff "black b*****ds" and "child molesters".

Maureen Innes, 56, was boarding a Jet2 flight from Dalaman Airport, Turkey, to Glasgow when she heard two different Scottish couples hurling the vile racist abuse.

Passengers were forced to undergo several checks and searches before they were allowed to board, the Daily Record reported .

Maureen and husband David, 56, were making their way down a tunnel towards the plane when she overheard the abuse.

One couple, both in their 60s, described the Turkish security staff as child molesters in a row over the strict security.

She also heard another man in his late 30s, who was with his wife and child, call staff "black b*******."

Maureen and David, from Inverness, had been on holiday with their daughter Siobhan Ryles, 30, her husband James and their children Aidan, 16, Evie, 9, Stephen, 12, and Teddy, 18 months. 

Maureen relayed what she had heard to Siobhan and they decided to inform Jet2 of the events.

Maureen said: "I don't think there's much they can do about it but I just wanted to highlight it.

"People should be aware and have a bit of respect."

Maureen says there appeared to be extra security at Dalaman Airport which seemed to upset some of the other passengers.

She said: "I think there must have been something going on because they kept moving us to different areas to check in.

"They were looking under the seats.

"I got searched, my husband got searched. But that's fine because I'd rather be safe than sorry.

"The older man was saying 'we are being held up because they are doing this, because they like molesting the children'.

"It was just horrible."

Maureen says the man went on to say that the staff also liked 'touching up women'.

Just moments later she heard the man in his 30s describing staff as 'black b*****ds' and 'filth'.

Maureen said staff in the airport had gone out of their way to be helpful and friendly and she was disgusted to hear them abused in such a way.

She said: "We were delayed by maybe 10 minutes.

"Everyone's polite and nice to you, and smiling even when they are checking your stuff.

"It was really embarrassing to hear. I'm glad it was out of the hearing of the Turkish people."

Maureen's daughter Siobhan was also horrified by the comments, and said: "My husband and I were embarrassed to be on the same flight as these people and embarrassed to call ourselves Scottish/British."

Jet2 have been contacted by the Mirror for comment.

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