Heartwarming advent calendar suggests an act of kindness every day

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There are 31 days this month, and a group in the United Kingdom has created a heartwarming advent calendar where you can do a kind act every day.

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Action for Happiness published its downloadable daily December Kindness Calendar.


Mark Williamson, CEO of Action for Happiness, said: “This is an unusual holiday season and it’s been a challenging year. Although we can’t change our situation or control big global events, we can choose to respond to others and ourselves with kindness. Our Kindness Calendar is a reminder to prioritize doing things for others while looking after our own mental health at the same time.”

It can be downloaded and printed for free.

In full, here are all the types kind acts for every day of the month.


1. Share the kindness calendar with others and spread the kindness.

2. Contact someone you can’t be with to see how they are.

3. Offer to help someone who is facing difficulties at the moment.

4. Give kind comments to as many people as possible today.

5. Make a gift for someone who is homeless or feeling lonely.

6. Support a charity, cause or campaign you really care about.

7. Leave a positive message for someone else to find.

8. Do something helpful for a friend or family member.

9. Notice when you’re hard on yourself or others and be kind instead.

10. Listen wholeheartedly to others without judging them.

11. Be generous. Feed someone with food, love or kindness today.

12. Buy an extra item and donate it to a local food bank.

13. See how many different people you can smile at today.

14. Share a happy memory or inspiring thought with a loved one.

15. Contact an elderly neighbour and brighten up their day.

16. Look for something positive to say to everyone you speak to.

17. Practice gratitude. List the kind things others have done for you.

18. Give away something that you have been holding on to.

19. Buy locally and support independent shops near you.

20. Contact someone who may be alone or feeling isolated.

21. Appreciate kindness and thank people who do things for you.

22. Congratulate someone for an achievement that may go unnoticed.

23. Choose to give or receive the gift of forgiveness.

24. Bring joy to others. Share something which made you laugh.

25. Treat everyone with kindness today, including yourself!

26. Get outside. Pick up litter or do something kind for nature.

27. Call a relative who is far away to say hello and have a chat.

28. Be kind to the planet. Eat less meat and use less energy.

29. Turn off digital devices and really listen to people.

30. Let someone know how much you appreciate them and why.

31. Plan some new acts of kindness to do in 2021.

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