Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Monday, June 13

Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Monday, June 13

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It will give you a great sense of freedom to take some time out to explore your options. There are several ideas you will want to think about and it would be good to examine these from all angles before making up your mind.


A partner or housemate has been careless with their finances. You’re tired of having to come to their rescue every time they need money. If they’re in debt, suggest they formulate a plan and start paying it off. They can rely on your support but you will no longer give them any more cash.


A dream you never imagined would ever come true is now looking as if it could become reality. The moment your big chance arises, there will be no holding you back for you aren’t about to sit around watching all the best opportunities going to other people.


You long to try something new and to explore new opportunities but you also accept this is the wrong time to make any changes. You have taken on many commitments and you’ve got a lot of responsibilities to fulfil before you can move on in new directions.


A friend who has been behaving strangely is ready to admit to and explain what has been going on. An uncertain feeling that’s in the air will soon fade. You aren’t the only one wondering how a joint project will turn out. All you can do is put in the effort and wait for time to tell.


A joint project could hit a few problems and this has nothing to do with anything you are doing. It is more about the unyielding behaviour of someone you are working with. A determination to succeed is all it will take to be able to jump over any obstacles now standing in your way.


Changing the terms of a relationship could be necessary in order for you to feel less restricted. If you’re unhappy with someone’s behaviour, discuss this in a friendly way. You don’t like to pass judgement on anyone but some comments and actions need to be challenged.


It isn’t being egotistical to use your skills in productive ways and to feel proud of your efforts. You have some important work ahead and this will need you to have confidence in your abilities. Don’t be surprised to find yourself taking on a leadership role.


Financial news will make you feel extra bright and hopeful. Even so, it’s still not a good idea to splash out impulsively. Personal aims linked with your job or professional life are moving slowly but it won’t be possible to rush them along.


The only thing that’s stopping you from filling in a job application or going for a new opportunity are those doubts you have about being successful. Whatever the outcome, you aren’t likely to get anywhere if you don’t try and if at first you don’t succeed, be willing to try again.


It’s important to take a practical approach to long-range plans. If you really do want to get things underway, don’t wait for other people to take action. Make a start on these yourself. Someone in a senior position lets you know how pleased they are with your recent efforts.


Jobs you hadn’t been keen to do will be dealt with more easily and more quickly than expected. You might wish you hadn’t spent so long wasting time worrying about them. A friendship will grow closer because of the plans you are making to travel together soon.

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