I love myself and my protruding belly button – I flaunt it in crop tops

I love myself and my protruding belly button – I flaunt it in crop tops

It is great to be body positive, so one woman has decided to flaunt her belly button in an array of crop tops – and fans cannot get enough.

Gradually, people are learning to love their bodies in all of their natural glory.

Just like the proud owner of a protruding belly button, Chi.

The stunner often posts dancing clips to her 248,000 TikTok followers with her sticking out naval on full show.

Chi oozes confidence as she prances around in her mid-section exposing outfits.

In one viral video, the babe preached: “Body perfect. Love yourself.”

And, in another clip she told her fans: “Self confidence, the real me.”

As Chi placed her hands on her hips to embrace her gorgeous figure and belly button, she declared: “I’m in love with me.”

It seems like Chi is not the only one in love with herself as she racked up over 3.5million likes on her TikTok account – and is often inundated with praise from her adoring fans.

One person commented: “Girl your beautiful don’t let one tell you different.”

Another user added: "You're a beautiful young lady."

Whilst a third person gushed: "Gorgeous girl."

Someone else praised: "It's great that she accepted herself."

Meanwhile, a fifth user noted: "I’m in love with your confidence."

Despite Chi remaining quiet on the cause of her protruding belly button, others have speculated about what it may be.

One user shared: “It is an Umbilical hernia.”

This person questioned: “Anyone ever heard of a hernia that never got fixed. Yeah I’m sure that’s what that is.”

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