I returned to work with new boobs – colleagues now act weirdly around me

I returned to work with new boobs – colleagues now act weirdly around me

A woman says her work colleagues are now acting "weird" after she returned to work with new boobs.

Marie Dee, who posts online as @notmariedee3, often shares videos of herself causing disputes with HR over her outfits.

But her most recent clip showed that it was her body that had grabbed people's attention.

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The blonde beauty had taken time off work to have breast enlargement surgery but, when she returned, people started acting strangely towards her.

In the video she shared with her 717 followers, she was seen sipping from a coffee mug while wearing a low-cut pink jumper and a pair of black leggings.

Over the top of the clip, she wrote: "POV: you got a b00b job and it's your first week back at work."

She then lipsynced to a sound where she asked people: "Why is everyone acting weird towards me?"

To which, male voices replied: "No, we're not. Chill come on."

"No, seriously," she responded.

However, TikTok users didn't have an issue with her new look as a user took to the comments writing: "Looking good."

The news comes after a woman who claimed she was sent home from work for wearing a 'distracting outfit' has now started making videos claiming she's been having sex with a co-worker.

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TikTok user @NotMarieDee went viral earlier this week when she asked her followers if they think she should quit her job because of her "distracting outfit".

The blonde beauty has now been making more videos with a male colleague that she claims she has been sleeping with.

In the clip, she wrote: "Corporate has received reports that managers are sleeping with employees" as she lipsynced to a sound that said: "As soon as we find out who you are, you will be dealt with."

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