I reuse bath water but only if I know the kids havent peed in it

I reuse bath water but only if I know the kids havent peed in it

On the social media platform and parenting forum Mumsnet, a woman explained that she knows a family of four who “reuse the same bath water each night” to save money. The children would always have a bath first, then the mum would heat it up for her and finally, the dad would go in as he is “the dirtiest”. The woman opined that this is “the most gross thing ever” and asked other mums if they reuse their bath water.

Many people were shocked that she found reusing bath water so strange. A mum with the username @Iminaglasscaseofemotion explained that they always have a bath together. “I’ll go in after the kids, or they go in after me.”

Another one explained that she and her family always share bath water, she goes in first and then her son and husband.

“Personally don’t see anything wrong with it but I’m sure most people or mums will come on to say it’s disgusting,” she added.

Others pointed out that this was a very common practice years ago. Mumsnet user @DramaAlpaca said that she didn’t consider it gross when she was growing up in the 70s.

She added, however, that although this is still normal for many families, nowadays most people wouldn’t dream of it, and “it does sound a bit grim”.

Other mums also commented that they would never do that. Forum user @BewareTheBeardedDragon said that it “depends on dirtiness” but “I use their water if I know they haven’t peed in it”.

Another one, @nestisflown, explained that she rather not bathe “than bathe in the same water as my kids and husband”.

She said that she wouldn’t mind bathing at the same time but bathing afterwards and reheating the water “just makes it seem so much worse”.

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Parenting experts at BabyGaga commented that is totally safe to share bath water and “there are no restrictions about babies sharing bath time with their older brothers and sisters, as a matter of fact, this is a great and fun time for the siblings to bond”.

Bath water is not the only thing people reuse in order to save money and the social media users shared other unusual items they reuse on a daily basis.

Many people said that they always reuse Cheeky Wipes and sanitary towels. “I haven’t bought any in over a year,” one commented.

A woman named her most reused items at home including straws, sandwich wrappers, menstrual cups, washable nappies and face cloths.

Mumsnet user @ThighsRelief recommended saving any food wrappers, like the ones inside cereal boxes, to reuse as sandwich bags.

Other mums said they also opt for Mooncup instead of tampons and “haven’t bought a single disposable sanitary product in a few years”.

A woman named Chloe revealed that she actually reuses her tampons and explained that cloth tampons are “total life savers”.

She said: “When I found out about cloth, reusable tampons I was intrigued, although to be honest I did also think they sounded a bit gross.

“You can use them until they fall apart so for at least a year or more. They sort of fold in on themselves like a rolled up sock.

“Afterwards you just put them in a bag and chuck them in a washing machine – I know it sounds grotty, but it really isn’t. It works out cheaper, and they stay nice – you wash them cold so they don’t stain,” she told The Sun.

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