I spent £12k on mummy makeover after my 3 kids – trolls say I wasted my money

I spent £12k on mummy makeover after my 3 kids – trolls say I wasted my money

A mum left with saggy skin after three pregnancies revealed a £12,000 procedure made her feel better than ever.

Jemma Murphy felt "lost" instead of overjoyed when she gave birth to her third child Pixie, now five.

Prior to having children, the parent wore a dress size four, weighing 7st 7lbs, before reaching 16st at her heaviest.

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In a bid to shed some weight, she tried the keto diet, a low carb intake, where she lost 7st in only seven months.

As the 30-year-old was left with excess skin, her confidence dropped, until she came across the "mummy makeover".

The £12,000 package includes a breast lift, breast implants, tummy tuck and muscle repair.

Jemma, from Birmingham, said: "For so long, I felt like I'd lost sight of who I was. I poured every inch of me into the kids, while leaving myself behind.

"The operation gave me a chance to explore clothing options that I hadn't been able to [wear] for over eight years and honestly, the confidence boost has been euphoric.

"Every negative comment I've faced [since] has been from a male.

"They say: 'You're wasting your money' or 'You're not thinking about your kids' and I'm quite thick skinned, but I know none of them will ever face the huge upheaval child birth has on your body.

"Therefore, their opinion doesn't bother me – the operations were never for anyone, but myself."

Jemma, who is also mum to Brandon, nine and Cody, eight, spent years researching through the website Real Self before booking the life-changing procedures.

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In May 2021, she underwent multiple surgeries and while she was overjoyed with the results, there was a long road to recovery ahead.

She explained: "Recovery was worse than the C-sections, as I had a 5cm gap from diastasic recti (separated stomach muscles) but this was very short lived.

"Two weeks later, I was back to building furniture.

"I've just had a revision for the tummy tuck as my muscles reopened, but I've had both my mum and partner to help me with the kids and housework.

"For me, I have no regrets – except that I wish I had done it sooner."

While her weight has remained the same at 10st 7lbs, she now wears a dress size 10, with her cup size switching from 32B to 32F due to getting 350cc implants.

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Jemma hopes sharing her makeover will encourage other mums to do the same, but to feel confident in their own bodies regardless.

She added: "I do still have 'off' days, but mentally, I think for the most part, I'm in a much better place that I was.

"My friends and partner were very excited for me and glad that I was finally happy.

"The second time round, they made sure I stayed firmly put and properly rested.

"[For other mums], I'd like them to know that the surgery gives you confidence that you didn't know you could have.

"I'm able to express myself more freely and this means my kids can see an adult being their true self, which they can comfortably follow suit."

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