Im curvy and shy, but being a cam girl doesnt always have to be perfect

Im curvy and shy, but being a cam girl doesnt always have to be perfect

A plus size cam girl has learned to embrace her body as she defied beauty standard in the sex industry.

Kayla Keen, from Scotland, started working full-time as a cam girl a year ago and she has grown confidence in herself.

But the lassie was not always proud to show off her body as she didn't see herself fit in.

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Tonight (August 7) she appeared on Channel 4's Confessions of a Cam Girl, to share how she overcame the issue and learned to love herself.

The 26-year-old said: "I am definitely not the girl I was when I started my camming journey.

"I just had it in my head that, even though I was doing it and I'm curvier and a bit of a plus-size — oh to be successful, you probably need to be more of the beauty standard…slim, fit.

"But the more I've done it, the more I became really confident and comfortable in camming."

She admitted that the image of a cam girl was "having your makeup and hair done perfectly" before every call.

And one year in the job, Kayla realised that it's not true at all.

Some of her most loyal callers told her that they want to her relaxed and even without make-up.

"It doesn't always have to be perfection," Kayla added.

"I've struggled with self-confidence since I was younger, probably at school age.

"And I'm now finally in a place, and it's because of the camming industry that I have learned to just love all the flaws and things I used to hate about myself."

She now sees her cam girl role more than a job and treats it as a lifestyle.

Knowing that Kayla is originally a persona that she creates for the job, the young woman realises that she lives, eats, sleeps and breathes Kayla.

"What I aspired to be, I fee like it's not just my jobx, it's my personality. It's who I am."

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