I'm worried my secret debts will derail my relationship

I'm worried my secret debts will derail my relationship

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M worried my secret debts will derail my relationship.

I’m a 30-year-old woman and I have been living with my boyfriend, 31, for a year.

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Before we met, I got into lots of debt by living beyond my means – going on pricey holidays, having big nights out in bars and clubs, and buying expensive clothes.

I’ve been paying off what I owe bit by bit, but my boyfriend has no idea how much debt I have.

The problem is we’re now talking about buying our own place and I know that when we try to get a mortgage, my credit rating will cause problems.

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I have been putting him off the idea but I can’t do that for ever.

When he finds out, he’ll hate me for lying to him and for ruining our future. What can I do?

DEIDRE SAYS: Please pluck up the courage to talk to him. The longer you keep your debts hidden, the worse it will be when the truth comes out.

Better that your boyfriend hears this from you. You’ll feel better once your secret is out.

If you love each other, you can work this out.

See my support pack Solving Debt Problems for more advice.

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