Inside MAFS UKs Adam and Tayahs home makeover complete with a walk-in wardrobe

Inside MAFS UKs Adam and Tayahs home makeover complete with a walk-in wardrobe

Married at First Sight UK couple Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria have made a few touches on what was once Adam's "lad's pad" in Doncaster. Soon after Tayah moved into his home, there have been many changes to Adam's home, including the removal of his beloved pool table and coffee table, as he said it was time to "grow up" now that his wife is in the picture.

And when the pair gave us an exclusive tour, their abode looked sensational with many modern alterations – including new sofas, a walk-in wardrobe for Tayah's shoe collection as well as their "sanctuary" like master bedroom. To see our exclusive video tour – for free! – sign up as an OK! VIP below.

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While Adam admits his house used to be a "dingy hole", he is now living the dream with his new wife as they both transformed the home for a long future ahead of them.

Brunette beauty Tayah said she was proud of how "beautiful" Adam's house was, but admitted it wasn't a place she could see herself living in full-time and needed her touch.

"My thoughts about Adam's house when I first saw it, when we did the Home Stays when we were filming for Married at First Sight, I definitely thought it was a very laddy house," she shared.

"I thought it was beautiful, I thought he should be so proud of himself for having a beautiful house like this, but I did think a woman's touch was needed."

One feature that Tayah didn't want to let go of was the rare bay windows: "I absolutely loved the big bay windows, there was a lot of light in the house and the big bay windows are rare to come by these days.

"So I absolutely loved them. I hated the famous coffee table, that's gone. Other than that, it was easy to work with."


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In the exclusive video, Adam teased Tayah for changing everything his house had to offer, after she said: "We are in the kitchen diner, a lot has changed in this room, it's still not finished."

"It's not as lad as it once was," Adam cheekily quipped, before Tayah said: "No."

He asked: "You've put your touch on it, haven't you?"

Tayah joked: "And the pool table has definitely gone! What haven't I changed in the house?!"

Her other half then shared: "You've changed almost everything, and if you haven't, you want to change it."

Speaking about Adam's pool table, the pair revealed it was also his decision to get rid of it altogether.

Adam explained: "So, we are in the dining room now, and this used to be where my pool table was, but that got sold pretty much straight away. It was time to grow up and get a proper dining room table."

Tayah adds: "We're adulting! To be fair, it was both of our ideas to get rid of the pool table we're both growing up now, so we thought it was time to have a dining room table. If we had the space to have the pool table as well, we would have it, but we don't right now."

"We didn't have a place to eat when visitors came over, so it was time to grow up and get rid of the pool table," Adam said.

Tayah, 25, revealed they painted the kitchen tiles white, which were originally a turquoise colour, before adding her hopes to change the kitchen counter colour in the future.

Tayah went on to describe the other alterations to their home, detailing: "The bedroom has completely changed. It's completely different, isn't it? New bed, pool table is gone.

"The second bedroom is now a dressing room, a walk-in wardrobe. But seeing the house prior to what I've done to it, it has honestly completely changed. It looks like a different house. And we've got new carpet as well."

She then reminded fans that she first said the carpets were too dark back when she and Adam were on the hit dating show.

"I said that on MAFS. Because it was the carpet that's in the dining room, it was just too dark and when this house brings in so much light, I feel like you need a nice light carpet. And I feel like that has made a big difference," she continued.

While Tayah is over the moon to have her very own dressing room, the star reveals there is still a long way to go until she's happy.

"My dressing room! Welcome. This is another favourite room of mine," she says with joy, before Adam said: "This is definitely more your room than mine!"

Tayah explained: "There's still a lot to do in this room. I still want to change all of the wardrobes. I want to get the IKEA ones because they're just way more organised, but I just love this room.

"From what it was, because it was just a spare room, to how it is now, is amazing."

Adam then recalled: "This was the room I would just use to dump things, and where mates used to stop over. But now it's got an actual use, which is great and you can have your little room to get ready in. It's become a lot more useful."

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